Monday, August 19, 2013

RV Life: On the Road and On the Sea

Next we drove from Zurich through the Italian Lake area to Genova. 
I was totally keeping my eyes peeled for George Clooney.
I’m kidding. (Not kidding.)

The GPS said the trip was 5 hours, which is the perfect amount of time for our family to travel in one day.  We made a few stops for feeding Finley, eating lunch and just to get the kids out of their seats and stretch.

We made it to Genova, Italy earlier than expected, parked the RV and Hannah took a quick shower and Finley got a bath in the kitchen sink.  Because when else will they ever have the opportunity to bathe in an RV that’s parked on a ferry loading dock in Italy?  Never, probably.


This is probably going to embarrass him someday, but I couldn’t resist.  Because THOSE THIGHS.

From here on out, things just got harry.  Now, listen. I’m not picking on the Italian way of doing things, but getting on to that ferry was downright unorganized and chaotic.  It was basically a crowd of RV’s, cars, cars hauling campers and boats and also some straggling passengers that obviously missed the pedestrian boarding call, inching along in no line or order that made any sort of sense.  It also didn’t help that the man directing vehicles had the English words for “right” and “left” mixed up.  And then he just got fed up with his job and yelled out, “You go right.  You go left.  You go on vacation,” and threw his arms in the air.

We were asked to show our confirmation (I’m surprised they even asked) and Shawn showed him the email we had received with the confirmation of WP and then a bunch of numbers.  The YOU GO RIGHT YOU GO LEFT YOU GO ON VACATION MAN  shouted our confirmation into his walkie-talkie: Whiskey Papa 2013773004.


The Whiskey Papa family waiting to board the ferry
(Don’t worry – the kids are always buckled in when the RV is moving.)

We finally boarded and made it to our cabin, which, if I were being picky, I’d describe as a 1980’s broken down cruise ship stateroom.  But I’m not being picky, so it was certainly adequate for our needs.  We reclined the seat in Finley’s stroller, and put him to bed there.  The gentle rocking of the boat on the sea made the rest of us drowsy and we soon followed.

We woke to the sound of the captain announcing that the ferry was docking and to gather our belongings and report to our vehicles.

To be continued…

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  1. Why do foreigners always pick on Italians and their amazing organization skills... I'll never figure that out...