Monday, July 6, 2015

Baby, You’re A Firework!

Our 4th of July was a little bit more low key than I would’ve liked, thanks to some salmonella poisoning that took Shawn down for no less than a week.  He and I spent all day Thursday at the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg, but that’s another story for another day.

I decided that I would still take the kids to the 4th of July party hosted by the American Women’s Club of Luxembourg, and when I told Hannah that we were going, she told me she didn’t want to go.

”Why? We had fun last year and it’s America’s birthday.  We should celebrate!”

She narrowed her eyes, “Because I’m British.”

Clearly all of my efforts at teaching my kids about heritage, American traditions and instilling a sense of patriotism have been very effective.


Oh, well.
Happy Birthday anyways, America!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Americans For AC

We're in a heat wave over here, you guys.
It's been in the 30s for about a week, which is the mid to high 90s for all my Fahrenheit speaking friends.

In fact, the Luxembourg Ministry of Health put us on Red Alert late last week.

Now listen, I know that doesn't seem all that bad for July, but when you live in a country that has ZERO air conditioning (even in hospitals) well, it doesn't take long for the heat to get to you.

One of my American friends (who is sadly moving back to the US very soon) posted on Facebook a picture of a portable air conditioning unit in their living room.

Then another American friend did the same.

And I knew it was time to come clean and admit, that we, too have a portable air conditioning unit.

Shawn installed it in our bedroom, and when I say "installed" I mean that he plopped the unit onto the floor and CUT A HOLE IN THE HOUSE for the accordion vent.  He explained to me that the vent will exhaust the hot air and I was all uh huh, uh huh cool air.
It's not the arctic blast that we're accustomed to in America, but it will do until Luxembourg returns to its more usual temperatures.

This afternoon I was piddling around in the city while Hannah was at a play date and Shawn and Finn were napping at home.  I popped into Subway to get some water and I almost had to sit down because of the shock of cold air that hit me.

So, to all my Luxembourg friends:
The Subway in the centre, across from Librairie Francaise has air conditioning.
Now, the tourist/man capri/B.O. situation getting from Kneudler to Rue Beck is NOT GOOD.
But, hey.
This is Europe and we're in a heatwave.

We'll take what we can get.