Monday, August 5, 2013

A Medieval Fair

On Sunday afternoon we were looking for something to do and Shawn remembered seeing a poster on a bulletin board at work for the medieval festival in Vianden, which is a little more than an hour north of us.  For whatever reason, we him-hawed around and then decided that if we were going to go, we needed to leave the house, like, now.  So we packed a lunch, the diaper bag, put the stroller in the trunk and the kids in the backseat and were backing out of the driveway 15 minutes later.  It was record setting for us, I assure you.  
As per our usual, we had a picnic out of the back of the car when we arrived.
(I have no idea why we always do this, but we do.)


This was the first time that Finley rode front facing in the stroller without his infant carrier and he held on to the sides of that stroller for dear life.  FOR DEAR LIFE.

We had to park quite far from the castle, but it was worth it for this view.


And this one.


We ate gaufres in the underground café.


And Hannah got her face painted and danced to the music.


There was a beekeeper set up and selling his wares – honey, of course, and a variety of soaps, shampoos, throat elixirs, lotions and lip balms.  He kept trying to get me to sample some of the products, but I haven’t forgotten the apple cider manufacturing process that I saw at a festival last fall (Remember? They used a man’s t-shirt to filter the juice?) and decided to pass.  I’ve since learned that honey is antibiotic so I really had nothing to worry about. 


I don’t have anything else that’s exciting to tell you about this day. 
(Except that we saw a woman with a sleeve tattoo and Shawn thought that it was a giant rabbit, but I was certain that it was a squirrel holding a heart shaped acorn.  You’ve never seen two adults hustle faster down a 14th century cobblestone street and then try to act casual about getting a look at a tattoo, which turned out to be a rabbit.)


It was warm, sunny and relaxing to spend time with my little family enjoying the local culture.
It was my favorite kind of Luxembourg day.

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