Friday, August 2, 2013

Silly Anglophone

Yesterday I took Hannah to get her hair trimmed. 
This is the first time she’s ever had her hair cut by anyone other than my mom.

After the haircut, we took a pair of Shawn’s suit trousers to la retouche for some repairs to the pockets.  Now, normally I handle all alterations and repairs but this time it was his good suit and I’ve got a reputation for doing more harm than good to his nice suit trousers.

(You have to say trousers when referring to pants in English over here.)
(Because trousers are pants and pants are underwear.)

The woman at la retouche didn’t speak much English, but we managed to communicate via my limited French and a series of pointing and hand gestures.  
If you care, Shawn’s trousers will be ready for pick up next Friday at 16:00, which is 4:00PM.
And I must be there by 16:00 because the Madame is leaving for vacation and the shop will be closed for the remainder of August.  Pretty much all of Europe is closed for the month of August. 

Then she told me that she liked my earrings.

”Merci.  C’etait un gateau de ma mere.” 
Do you know what I did there?  I used the past tense.  Oh yes, I did.

Do you know what else I did?  I told her it was a cake from my mom.  Oh yes, I did. 

My use of the past tense may have falsely given the impression that I have a slight handle on the French language.  
But I certainly cleared things right up, didn’t I? 

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