Friday, August 30, 2013

RV Life: Scenes from Corsica

We spent six of our fifteen days of vacation on the island of Corsica.
We visited three cities – Bastia, Porto and Calvi.
You can see pictures from Porto HERE.


Hannah and Finley: 5 years old and 5 months old.


The salt air and humidity did amazing things to Finley’s hair.



We ate all of our meals in the RV, except for one night when Hannah and I put on dresses and we went to dinner at a true Corsican restaurant.


We call her “Mother’s Helper.”


This is “Vacation Shawn.”
Totally relaxed and a few days worth of facial hair.


On this day in Calvi, we ventured into town and stopped for ice cream.  The shop owner came outside and sat down with us.  She didn’t speak much English, but she told me where in town to pick up groceries and the best place for fresh produce.  One thing I learned about Corsicans: they’re loyal to their island and don’t really feel much connection to France.  We told her we were Americans living in Luxembourg and a bit about where we’d been and where we were headed on our trip.  She said that she’d been to France and Italy, and with a wave of her hand, as if to dismiss both places, said, “But everything I need is in Corse.  There is no need to leave.”





On another day Hannah and I bought a red and white hair ribbon in one of the little shops.  We tied her hair back and after walking around for a while, we realized that it had slid out and was gone.  We retraced our steps, but had no luck so we went back to the shop to buy another one.  I explained to the shop owner that we lost the first one and wanted another.  She picked up the basket, took out a silky polka dot ribbon and handed it to Hannah.
”Un cadeau,” she said.  A gift.


Then I noticed this little sign and took out my camera to snap a picture.
“Eets ok, zee English?” she asked.
”It’s perfect,” I told her.





We wished we had a few more days to spend on this beautiful island, but we had reservations for the ferry to take us and our RV to the South of France.

To be continued…


  1. Those pictures are gorgeous! Bon Voyage!

  2. I love how friendly everyone is and they all seem to just stop and talk! You got some really amazing pictures of such a beautiful country.