Hey there.
I’m Tina and I’m the writer of this little blog.
I love Jesus, my family, my friends, theatre, handmade stuff, reading, fitness, laughing and traveling.

About five years ago, I started this blog to go along with my Etsy store.
I made hair bows, dresses and other custom/embroidered items for kids.
After a few orders, I decided that I just enjoyed sewing for my family and friends.

But I really liked the blog, so I kept it.
Sometimes I share tutorials and craft projects, but more recently I began to blog about our life abroad.

I met my husband in a high school Spanish class and then spent four of the best years in college, where I made some of my closest friends and graduated with a B.A. in Business.  I worked in Human Resources for 11 years before taking a break from Corporate America and am currently a full time stay at home mom to our two kids.

Lots of funny stuff happens to us as foreigners, but despite that tag line you see up there, I write about other things, too.  Sometimes I journal about our travels, our everyday life, faith and even sadness and heartbreak.

In the fall of 2011, my husband's company sent us to live as expats in Luxembourg. 
Luxembourg is a tiny European country. Yes, it is its own country.
It is not Germany.
Although they speak German.  And French.
But mostly French.

When we moved here, I knew a total of four words in French.
Mais, j'apprends.  But I'm learning.
Even if it's just enough to embarrass myself.