Saturday, June 20, 2015

Kid Stuff

I've been keeping myself really busy with family, activities and doing a bit of writing over at City Savvy Luxembourg.  I'm still working out at the gym regularly, eating (mostly) clean and healthy and I feel great.  I have pep and energy and if you're feeling sluggish and tired, I highly recommend making some changes in diet and activity.  I feel like I'm 21.

Hannah, my mom and I spent a few great days in London and then met up with my sister in the English countryside.  I've got some great stories and photos to share soon.

In the meantime, this.  This photo is probably my favorite ever of my kids.  I have a friend here in Luxembourg who does amazing things behind the lens and she captured this completely unplanned and unstaged.

Hannah's just about finished with this school year, and she's done so well.  We're beyond proud of her.    Last week, we were doing some shopping in Trier, Germany and we overheard some people speaking English.
"Hey, Mom?  Those people over there sound American.  We better go talk to them.  It's our job, ya know."
Identifying accents and making friends.  She's such an expat kid.

I so love my days with Finley.
He's wild and active and wears me flat out most of the time.

But deep down, I think he's a man of leisure.