Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Weekly Bump: 18

This morning as I was walking Hannah into school, one of the other moms pointed at my belly and said, “You’ve got a proper bump!”

Here’s my proper bump, at 18 weeks.


The Baby: He or she is about 5.5  inches long, the size of a bell pepper.  Baby can flex muscles and his or her gender specific bits are definitely recognizable.
Maternity clothes: Not yet.  I’m still in all my normal clothes, but jeans are getting tight so it won’t be long until I get out the maternity clothes.  They’re all washed, folded and ready to go!
Movement: Lots and lots of movement!  I’ve been feeling flutters for a few weeks now, but have felt lots of kicks and jabs in the last three or four days.  It’s my favorite part and what I missed most about being pregnant after Hannah was born.
Sleep: I’m still sleeping well at night. 
Food Cravings: Still none, although I really like salty things like olives.  Sweets just do not sound good at all.  I had a few days last week where my appetite was zilch, but it seems to be back.
Symptoms: Nothing major, really! I’ve been feeling pretty good!  I do get out of breath easily (so embarrassing) and by the time I’m getting Hannah to bed around 7:30 I am ready to just lay on the couch.   I’ve also been having a lot of strange and really vivid dreams.  Last night, for the first time ever, I actually dreamed in French.  Weird.
Gender: We don’t know! Shawn is leaning towards finding out, but I’m still on Team Green!


  1. You look adorable. A proper bump indeed.

  2. Tina - You look great!! I am just so excited for you and your family!!