Friday, October 19, 2012

Insta-Friday and Some Deets on the Lux Royal Wedding

Randoms from my cell phone.  Here we go.

These two.  Hanging out on a floor model couch at IKEA.  No, we aren’t in the market for a new couch – I just thought that Swedish meatballs from the restaurant sounded good.


“Hey, Mom!  Do I look like Aunt Traci in this fancy dress?”
Actually, yes.

Not many people realize that Luxembourg is a Monarchy and has a Royal Family.
They may not be as famous or entertaining (read: scandalous) like some Royals, but I still think it’s kind of cool to live in a country with a Royal family.
Well, wedding fever has struck because tomorrow the son of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg and the Countess of Belgium are getting hitched. 
It’s a pretty big deal here in the Grand Duchy.


I was out and about the city center today and saw some of the preparations.
Lots of flowers, flags, limos, and monograms.  Oh, I love the monograms!
Nice touch, Guillaume.


There were also lots of interviews, cameras and security detail.  As best as I could tell, this was a chef being interviewed for a news channel.


Tomorrow morning, Hannah and I are headed out bright and early to some of the public festivities.  I’m hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of the royal couple and take in some local culture.  Hannah’s just hoping that they ride in a horse drawn carriage. 

Oh, and if you need any Luxembourg Royal Wedding postcards, dinner plates, key chains, or commemorative chocolates, let me know. 
I’m your girl.


  1. Tina, did I happen to see you and Hannah on RTL?
    I stood in the crowds to check out all the royals when they entered the cathedral and went home after that and watched the webstreaming of the wedding. Right before the newlyweds were greeting the people in the street from the balcony the journalist interviewed an American woman with a little girl who seemed to be dressed up like a princess, the woman said she thought it was exciting to be part of history. Made me think of you.

  2. Yes! That was me and my daughter! Any idea where I can find the video clip online? I haven't had any luck finding it.

  3. Right now it's on the home page of RTL: Under the word Prënzenhochzäit there's a video. Once you passed the first short commercial thingy try to advance to 208:30 (easier in full screen mode). There's your Luxembourgish claim to fame ;-)

  4. A royal wedding! How exciting!