Friday, October 5, 2012


It’s been a while since I posted pics from my phone so here’s the last few weeks from the eye of my celly.

Pregnant and jet-lagged.  This is how we spent the first few days back in the Lux: in pajamas watching movies in bed.  And sleeping.  Lots and lots of sleeping.


The Schueberfouer Festival comes to Luxembourg at the end of summer.


This is where we decided that Hannah probably shouldn’t be allowed to drive a car until she’s 30 and operate a real motorcycle until…never.

Exploring the underground passages and fortresses at the Bock Casemates. 


Someday when we have long returned to the US, and I think of France, I will think of Rodemack and our little day trips to this cute town.


We also took a trip to London, which is a whole post of its own.  Coming soon.




Pirates and Princess Day at school.  This little princess wore wellies with horses on them with her gown.  Of course she did.  And then at dinner that night, she insisted that I announce her and say, “Your royal feast is served, your majesty.” 


It was a daddy’s-off-work-ice-cream-after-school kind of day.


These two crack me up.  Watching a movie in bed while drinking the milk (juice?) from a coconut through a straw.  A few minutes later, I heard some awful racket in the garage and then the two of them returned to their movie with the coconut cracked open and they ate the inside, fleshy part.  (Is that even what the inside of a coconut is called?)


Oh hey.  See you in March.


And finally, a view of the baby from the top of the head.  Look at that wee little hand.  I think he or she is waving hello to us.


Or already doing razzle-dazzle-jazz-hands.


Ok, that’s it for my cell phone. 
Today I woke up with the second trimester THIS IS GREAT I LOVE BEING PREGNANT burst of energy.  With Hannah, I was feeling great at 12 weeks, so it took a bit longer this time.  
But I’ll take it.  

Happy Friday!


  1. I adore your pictures! I'm also an American living in France. Congrats on the baby!

  2. Oh wow, are you going to send a letter to Emilio?!

    Little Ms. Hannah...I just adore that girl. She is beautiful, but her beauty shines from the inside out and I see her sweet nature in every single picture you take of her.

    So excited about the sonogram shots!!! I can't wait!