Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Questions, Answers and The Weekly Bump

Thank you so much for all the sweet comments, emails, and texts on this post.
I’ve been getting lots of questions so I thought I’d answer some of them here.

But first -
Last year after I wrote about my miscarriage, I was contacted by dozens of women who had stories similar to mine.  And some that had different stories but were hurting in similar ways.  So sharing the news about our pregnancy has been a little touchy for me because I’ll be real honest – in the weeks and months following my miscarriage, when I would read a blog post or a Facebook status announcing a pregnancy, it was simply another reminder of what we’d lost –their baby gets to be okay and ours didn’t.  And I hate that the news of our pregnancy could cause anyone to feel the way I once did.

Oh, I know that feeling. 

It’s messy, ugly, real and valid and part of the grieving process.   With time comes healing and those stinging reminders become fewer and further between. 


So, on to the answers:

When are you due?
I’m due March 20, but the baby was measuring a few days ahead at my last two appointments so maybe this will change my due date by a few days?  I don’t know.

Are you going to have the baby in Luxembourg or come home?
The baby will be born here in Luxembourg.  

If the baby is born in Luxembourg, he or she will have dual citizenship, right?
The baby will be 100% a US citizen and not a dual citizen of the US and Luxembourg.  Shawn and I are both US citizens with temporary resident visas in Luxembourg.  It would take one of us being a Luxembourg citizen for our children to have dual citizenship, although I think that children born here to US citizen parents are eligible to apply for dual citizenship after they turn 18 if they wish. 

Did you find a doctor in Luxembourg?
I have selected a doctor here in Luxembourg based on a recommendation from a friend and have been to my first appointment with her.  She’s German and speaks perfect English and I like her.  We found out we were pregnant just days before Hannah and I left for the US in July and there simply wasn’t time for me to get an appointment before I left.  Since I was in the US for 6 weeks, I went to my doctor - the one who delivered Hannah – while I was there.  (Here’s where I’ll tell you that OB visits are a bit, um, different in Luxembourg than in the US.  It’s the same procedures and all, and medically I’m in good hands, but I won’t lie – I did miss some of the comforts and niceties of my doctor’s office in the US.)  

So, if I do the math, you were pregnant when you had all the travel mishaps?
Yes, I was newly pregnant when this happened.  It really made for a stress-free, precious time with the airline. 

How are you feeling?
I’m feeling much better now, but the first trimester was…let’s just say…it was a doozy and I’m glad that part is over.   We returned to Luxembourg at the tail end of my first trimester and while the sickness part had faded, the exhaustion was still lingering and between the long day of travel and the jet lag, I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired.  Until last week, I was still getting some waves of queasiness (what gives, baby?) It was mostly just in the evenings, but mild and passed quickly. 

Any cravings yet?
No, but I have no desire for anything sweet at the moment.  (Although a few weeks ago, I saw an advertisement for a car battery and at first glance, I thought it said cake batter.)  I’ve been more thirsty than normal and wanting a lot of cold, cold water with lemon. 

Is Hannah excited?
Beyond excited.  She’s already working on names.  If it’s a boy she wants to name him Franky Doodle. We might have to make a compromise there.

Will you post or send us pictures of your belly?
I hadn’t really planned on doing posts with pictures and all that, but since I am so far away from my family, they’ve requested too see my growing belly.  So, here’s a look at the last few weeks.  I’m going to try to do this weekly or every other week. 


14 weeks and feeling the baby move! 


Here I am at the end of the 15th week.


Today I’m 16 weeks and I’m feeling the best I have yet in this pregnancy, although I get tired easily and I could pretty much sleep for 12 hours each night.  Baby growing is hard work.

So, hellooooo second trimester.  I’ve been waiting for you.  Please make yourself comfortable and stay a while…

Oh, and being pregnant and living in a foreign country?
I’m sure my French skills will be tested to a whole new level.
There’s no telling what kinds of ways I’m going to embarrass myself (and my husband.)
I’ll keep you posted.


  1. Tina, you got the cutest baby bump ever! lol! I think it is great that you are in touch with your feelings and sensitive to others as well. Just live in the moment and allow every sensation to be felt deeply. Meaning? Just enjoy it all. Glad we are able to watch you grow as the months pass!!
    Oceans of love,

  2. Cold with lemon is what I wanted with Connor. Who is also a late March baby :) So so happy for you guys!

  3. You are adorable! I love the updated pictures all in one post.

    I think Franky Doodle is the PERFECT name for your newest little one. It is gender neutral and so I think your name list is done. Bwhahahahahaha

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