Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shots from My Cell Phone: The Luxembourg Royal Wedding

Alright, I’m giving myself 20 minutes to tell you about the big Royal wedding in Luxembourg.
So…last Saturday was the big Royal wedding in Luxembourg.
It was probably one of the best things we’ve seen and done since we’ve lived here.
Hannah and I talked all week about going into the city center to stand with the crowds and try to catch a glimpse of a real life princess. 

And at the last minute, Shawn decided to go with us.
It may have had something to do with the fact that Hannah was beyond excited and insisted on dressing like a princess herself.  Sweet girl, I think she thought that she had actually been invited to the wedding.
Here we are before the festivities started, when the crowd was still sparse and we could actually move about.


We watched the ceremony on a screen set up in one of the plazas and then walked over to The Grand Ducal Palace, just in time to see the guards marching by.


Then we waited and waited. 
Shawn carried Hannah on his shoulders so she could see above the crowds.


And then, the most unexpected thing happened.
A reporter from a national news station pointed at me and asked if it was my little girl’s idea to get dressed up for the big occasion.  I told her it was.
Then she asked me if I’d be interested in joining her in the front of the palace for some questions and a prime view of the Royal couple and guests.

Um, sure. 

Certainly she didn’t realize that I’m just a thirty-something mom from the Midwest United States and that the Luxembourgish people probably have no interest in seeing me on their televisions.

I looked at Shawn.  He didn’t even have to say a word.
You go ahead.  I’m staying right here.  Away from the camera.

Hannah and I made our way to the front of the crowd and got to see dignitaries, kings, and queens from all over the world pull up in sleek black cars, maneuver this way and that to get out of the car without disturbing their fancy hats and fascinators. 
(Because it wouldn’t be a Royal wedding without fancy hats and fascinators.)
You can see the best ones here.

Just before the wedding couple arrived, the news reporter asked me some questions.
In English, of course.  And then she translated it into Luxembourgish for the camera.

Here’s a still shot of the live television coverage because I wasn’t able to make a short clip of the actual interview.
(And the video available online is almost 3 hours long.)


(And I’m not crazy about the way my voice sounds on film.)
(And I didn’t realize that my scarf had gotten all wonky and appears to be choking me.)

The moment everyone was waiting for had arrived.
The Crown Prince of Luxembourg and the Countess of Belgium made their grand public appearance on the balcony of the palace.

The crowd went wild with excitement, cheering and waving their Luxembourgish flags.
And then the newlyweds went back into the palace and the crowd dispersed into the streets and plazas to eat sausages and drink beer and hot wine.
Because it wouldn’t be a European celebration without sausage, beer and hot wine.

Ok, my 20 minutes are just about up and I’m ready for bed.
And I’ve got to put the finishing touches on Hannah’s Halloween costume.

What a great experience this was.  Probably something we’ll never have another chance to see again.  
But if we do? 
We’ll be wearing fascinators.


  1. A Royal wedding! How exciting that you got to be interviewed on TV!

  2. That is the coolest thing EVER! Not just the wedding, but the interview, the front row seats, all of it. How exciting!