Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lundi. That Means Monday.

This may be the most boring intro to a blog post I’ve ever written.
I’m warning you now.

Part of the expat process is that each member of our family has to register by reporting in person at our local commune, which is basically the administrative division of our town. They will issue us a declaration of arrival which is valid for three months.  Later, we each will receive a residency visa on our Passports that will last the length of Shawn’s work permit in Luxembourg.

(See? I told you.)

All this to say: they want to know who we are, where we are living, what we are doing here and when we are leaving.

Shawn took care of his part when he arrived a few weeks ago.
Now Hannah and I got to take a turn.

I set the GPS with the address provided, Place de L’Eglise.
But Rue de L’Eglise appeared on the screen.
Should be the same thing, right?

I found out I was wrong 23 minutes later when TomTom blurted out that I had reached my destination. I was on the opposite side of Luxembourg City in what appeared to be the parking lot of an apartment building behind the railway station.

I pulled in a spot, got a snack for Hannah out of the emergency stash and regrouped.
This time, Place de L’Eglise. Here we come.
30 minutes and two juice boxes later we were back in business.
I pulled into the parking lot of our commune (which is about 2 minutes from our house, by the way) got Hannah out of her car seat and headed for the door.

Nothing was going to stop us now.

Except this:

It was Lundi and after 11:30.
And the door was locked.

(I’ve been doing this often, taking pictures of buildings and their heures d’ ouvertures. Otherwise I could never remember.  Plus, this business of military time confuses me. Who wants to do math to know what time it is?)

I didn’t know what apres-midi freme meant, so I used the app on my phone to translate it.
Afternoon Farm. That’s what it said.
I mean, really. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

There was only one thing to do at this point and it included a bakery and a pastry big enough for two.

So, on Mardi we headed out bright and early.
We made it there in record time.

And I’m happy to say that our arrival has been declared.


  1. Thirty minutes of driving and the building was 2 minutes from your house?! Could Shawn not have shared that with you? Bwhahahaha.

    Well, at least there was a big pastry in it for you. :)

  2. I bet you are wishing right about now that you had switched to French 101 with me our Freshman year! :o)

  3. Military time? Agreed ~ but I guess we both have to get used to it....I'm particularly fond of 1700. Glad you're declared!!