Monday, November 21, 2011

At the Last Minute, A Furniture Makeover

About six years ago, my grandma gave me a set of dining room furniture.
It has a table, four chairs, a buffet, an armoire and three leaves to make the table really big.

For six years, Shawn and I have been saying that we were going to give it a makeover.
Well, we finally did.

Wanna know when?

FOUR DAYS before the movers were coming to load up our stuff to ship to Europe.
Nothing like adding a 30 hour project to the most hectic time of our lives, right?

I mean, really.  Who does stuff like this?

We hauled all the pieces out to the garage.
(We had some help.  Ok, lots of help.)
We sanded and painted.  Sanded and painted.
Wash, rinse, repeat.

Then I reupholstered the chairs.
It was way easier than I thought.
Good thing because it was a solo project.
I wasn’t sure about the fabric and to be honest, what I selected wasn’t my first choice.
But then I realized that if I selected a fabric with a pattern, I’d never get all the chairs to match and it would be impossible to properly line up the print.  And I’d never be able to enjoy a meal at a table if the pattern on each of the chairs was all wonky and misaligned. 
I’m kidding.  Kind of.
Then I started getting all dizzy and high maintenance because WE CAN’T MOVE TO EUROPE UNTIL THESE CHAIRS ARE REUPHOLSTERED.

So I went with a whimsy and nonspecific print. 
The fabric was on sale.
Which is good because I’m cheap.  And picky.  
buffet after


chair after




table after

I wish we had taken pictures of the process, but we were moving at such a FRANTIC PACE that there just wasn’t time.  The paint was barely dry on the day the movers loaded all of it up into the oversea container.  In fact, I wrapped every single piece in waxed paper so that the paint wouldn’t be damaged by the bubble wrap and cardboard.

And I may or may not have bolted upright in bed, awoken by a dream about the table floating in the middle of the Atlantic.
In the end, every piece made it unscathed, unscratched and unchipped.
And I’m digging my new dining room.


  1. Who does this? The same kind of people who pretty much gut and remodel the main part of thei living space two weeks after getting the referral of their child.

  2. Beautiful! Great project, interesting timing. :)
    Karah @thespacebetweenblog

  3. LOVE! Can you do a set for me? Oh, wait, you're going to Europe! Which is awesome BTW.

  4. Awesome! I'm a BLUE person, but I have been wanting to try have inspired me to try it. I'm a new follower too, so I don't miss anything. Warm wishes

  5. This is GORGEOUS! I love the fabric you chose. Good luck in your new home! Thank you for linking to Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

  6. Wow this turned out amazing! I recently re-did a dining room set so I know how much labor is involved. Kudos to you!

  7. wow! impressive :) looks great!

    amy from houston