Saturday, October 8, 2011

Skype, LOL and the Fashion Critic

We recently introduced my parents to Skype.
With my sister 3,000 miles away in Los Angeles, and my little family about to move across the ocean, it only seemed right.

(My sister and I don’t Skype because we text.  Like non-stop. All the live long day.)

But my parents don’t text. 
They do email.  And Facebook.  But no text.

And now?
Now they know how to Skype.
We’ve reached a threshold of technological learning, my friends.

In fact, my mom recently announced to her Facebook friends,  “I just Skyped with my daughter in LA with no issues.  I totally got this.” 

Then she added an “LOL” for good measure. 

Since Hannah and I are hanging out at my parents’ house until we leave for Europe, we got to get in on the Skype action with my sister in LA.

For the record, we had no issues.
I totally got this.


The conversation went a little like this:

Hannah: Aunt Traci, where are you?
Aunt Traci: I’m in California.
Hannah: Aunt Traci, I like your dress.
Aunt Traci: Thanks, Twinks!
Hannah: But it’s not much coverage.

And I don’t think that we’ve ever LOL’d harder.

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