Monday, October 3, 2011

I’d Like 1, But 4 Would Be Okay, Too

Shawn sent me a text that made me giggle.
Totally worth recording for memory’s sake.

Sunday afternoon, he went through a McDonald’s drive thru, armed with his Google translator, to order a large Coke, or “Coca,” as the French say.

“Je voudrais une grande Coca, s'il vous plaît.”
I’d like one large Coke, please. 

Over the speaker, a woman recited a string of crackly French. 
Totally proud of himself and his new confidence in the French language, he assumed she was telling him his total and to pull around to the next window. 

So he did what I totally would have done and replied with the two French words that we have down pat.

“Oui. Merci.”
Yes. Thank you.

Here’s what he ended up with.
That’s four grande Cocas.
We’re not exactly sure where he went wrong, but it probably had something to do with the, “Oui. Merci.”
And the new confidence in the French language.
And the assuming.


Let’s file this under:
Things We’ll Laugh About When We Become Adept at Living in a Foreign Country.


  1. Ha! That's so funny and I love that he took a picture of them.

  2. And look at you with 100 followers!!! You go girl!