Wednesday, October 19, 2011

11 Years

I’ve been married 11 years (and like 5 weeks.)
But I forgot to blog about it on our actual anniversary.
Probably because we were getting ready to move.
And my husband was the best man in a friend’s wedding that same weekend.

I’ve seen a bunch of blog posts recently in which the writers share a list of the things they’ve learned in marriage. 

Their lists are beautiful and their life lessons even more so.

Me, however? 
I’d probably be more qualified to make a list of things not to say to your husband in order to have a successful marriage. 

Lucky for me, my husband loves unconditionally and is quick to forgive.
And that’s just the start of his great qualities.

So, happy (belated) 11th anniversary to my sweet husband.


Click here to read about how we met.
(You’ll also get to see a picture of old school me.)

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  1. How am I so far behind on your blog?! I'm so sorry. Happy Belated Anniversary. I too could write all kinds of lists about what NOT to do in a marriage. Congrats on 11 years!