Friday, October 14, 2011


This week has been crazy busy. 
There's a lot to do when moving one's family and household to another country.
Along with the need-to-be-done things, we found a little time for some fun.
At the apple orchard, Hannah tracked down and cornered a cat.
Was I surprised?
Not at all.
This kid makes friends with animals everywhere we go.
At our 4 year well child check-up.
(Yes, we're a few weeks early.)
I still think the little paper gowns are adorbs.
She's right on track developmentally and still tall and thin.
So thankful for a healthy girl!
Hannah went to her very first football game this week.
All the players were about 4 feet tall.
So cute.
I pointed out the cheerleaders to her.
"Would you like to do that someday?"
"No, I think I just want to be a muskateer."
Speaking of football, we live 10 minutes from the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
People come from all over the country to see it.
I've never been there.
But I did take a picture of my kid in one of their cut-outs at a local mall.
Does that count?
Look out, Jim Brown.
I think she's ready for the Dawg Pound.

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  1. That sounds like us, so much to see but we never go either!! Thankful for health, a blessing from the Lord!!

    Happy Friday!!