Friday, October 28, 2011


Dear Hannah,

If someone would have told me that in four years
you would grow from this little squishy baby…


Into this beauty of a little girl…


I wouldn’t have believed them.

Happy 4th Birthday, sweet girl!
Today, we are boarding a plane to our new home in Europe.
Here’s to the start of a fantastic adventure!

We love you more than you know.


  1. Happy 4th Birthday to our latest world traveler! We will miss you more than you can imagine but we know the Lord has big plans for you and Europe is part of your life plan ~ ask Daddy for an iPhone and learn to text us.

    We love, love, love you too much!!

    Aunt Tiss & Uncle Jerry

  2. Happy 4th Birthday Hannah! You are such a sweet, bright girl. I know you are your parent's biggest blessing.