Thursday, June 27, 2013

Au Revoir, Luxembourg. Howdy, Texas.

I’ve said this before -
One of the things that becomes part of your “normal” as an expat is saying goodbye.

Tonight Hannah and I said goodbye to a friend that we adore. 
Sarah (or “my grown up friend,” as Hannah calls her) and I knew each other in Ohio, before either of us lived in Luxembourg and we actually worked at the same company for a time.


When we first arrived in Lux, she was the only person I knew.
She taught me how to grocery shop and how to fill my car up with gas, or petrol, as they call it here.
(Those sound like simple things, but believe you me, when you’re new in a foreign country, it’s harder than you think.)

Sarah’s always been my go-to girl for babysitting, answering silly questions and the occasional discussion of things we find ridiculous in this little country whose motto is “we wish to remain what we are.”
There may also possibly be a series of text messages in which we make fun of the MAN CAPRI PANT and add to our ongoing list of everyday objects that Europeans use to scrape the snow and ice from their cars.  (It’s fascinating, really.  And probably worth a blog post of its own.)

Sarah and I both lost our dads and welcomed baby boys to our families while living in Luxembourg.
A few months ahead of me, she filled me in on everything I’d need to know about being pregnant and delivering a baby in Luxembourg.


Finley and Charlie: two all American boys, born in Luxembourg

Tomorrow Sarah, her husband and their sweet boy are trading their bonjours for howdys when they move home to ‘Merica, this time to the great state of Texas.

Luxembourg won’t be the same without them.
We’re going to miss them so much.

Oh, and also? Sarah makes the best enchilada I’ve ever tasted.
She’s gonna have no problem fitting in in Texas.

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  1. I totally opened this up hoping you were moving near me! I KNOW that you aren't moving back yet, but I thought something may have changed. So...about you moving to TX. Let's put that in the plans, OK?!