Thursday, June 13, 2013

Literacy and Babywearing

This post is going to be a quick one.  Shawn was traveling for work last week and was in Berlin this week and I have found myself completely sucked in and absorbed by Scandal on Netflix and Hulu.
(The first season is on Netflix and the second on Hulu.)

I’m about nine episodes in to season 2 and it is so good.  So good.
It’s my new Downton Abbey, I think.  Except it makes me want to turn on C-SPAN and get really informed.  And one of the characters totally reminds me of my college roommate, who also happens to be a lawyer, although she could never be involved in a scandal because she’s America’s sweetheart.
(You know who you are.)

Anyway, on to the updates:

I am so, so proud of this girl.  Yesterday she came home from school with an award for her accomplishments in Literacy. (That’s British for Readin’ n’ Writin’.) 
So we celebrated with an ice lolly.  (That’s British for popsicle.)


I’ve mentioned and posted pictures of Finley in the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder, but last week I saw another mom at Hannah’s school wearing her baby in a wrap style of baby carrier and I started to get interested so I did some very empirical and methodical research, mind you, at the school yard and on Pinterest and then bought one.  It’s called the Tricot-Slen, which I think is the European equivalent of the Moby Wrap.  It’s about 35 feet (I’m being dramatic) of stretchy fabric and it’s taken me some practice and watching instructional videos on YouTube to get it right.  And I still don’t have it right.

This is my first attempt.  I’m fully aware that it looks like I simply took the sheets off the bed and wrapped them around the two of us, but I had to include this picture because THOSE LITTLE FEET.  Look at his little feet hanging out the bottom.  I die.


I sent the picture to Shawn and he asked if I had also purchased a flowing skirt and Birkenstocks.
Anyway, I used the Tricot-Slen later that day when I picked Hannah up from school and one of the French moms pointed out that I was doing some things wrong and could I let her help me. 

She took Finn out and started turning, wrapping and draping me much like she was measuring and fitting me for a very fancy formal dress.  But when she got us all situated it was the most comfortable thing ever.


I haven’t been able to recreate her technique but we’re working on it.
That’s code for I’m Gonna Need That French Babywearing Mama To Come To My House And Wrap Me and Finley Up Everyday.

Ok.  That’s it for tonight.  I’m off to watch the next episode of Scandal before Shawn gets home.
But before I go, here’s one for the grandparents.
Both kids before bed tonight - Hannah was pleased to look at the camera and smile.


But Finley?  He’s found his hands and I guess they’re more interesting than his mama.
Ok.  That’s it for tonight and I mean it this time.
Goodnight, friends.

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