Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pool Shark


Yesterday was unusually hot in Luxembourg.
My car said 32 C, which is almost 90 F.
(And I’ve mentioned before that air conditioning is nearly unheard of here.)
After we dropped Hannah off at school, Finley and I met up with some friends at the outdoor pool in Remich, which is a cute little town on the boarder of Germany.

Finley loved hangin’ poolside.
He was a big hit with the ladies, what with his new swimming costume and all.

And now I’m off to get something accomplished around here.
Because I’ve been faffing about Luxembourg all week and dinner isn’t going to cook itself.


  1. What a cutie!!! I love his pool "costume"!! I have something for the little guy, but I have to wait till the end of July to send it. 😄 Enjoy the weather!!!

  2. Glad you took time out from faffing about to post this cutest update of Mister Finn. He is adorable in his 'fwimming costume and I'm not sure if this OR his baaaaath robe photo is my fave! ((Hugs)) and kisses to all the Pacer's! Love from Aunt Tiss!