Sunday, January 8, 2012

We Are Back

We’re back in Luxembourg after a wonderful visit home to the US.
We really had a great Christmas.

Our day of travel was pretty uneventful, although it was a strange feeling when the airline attendant confirmed our destination.
”I don’t see a return flight.  When will you be returning?”
This is our return flight.
”Oh, I see. You live in Luxembourg.”

Our travel and layover time totaled fourteen hours.
The big flight over the ocean occurs overnight but Shawn and I didn’t sleep much.
You see, a few hours in, the plane reaches daylight and not all of the passengers kept their window shades closed. Hannah didn’t seem to mind.  She fell asleep soon after departure and didn’t wake up until we were landing.

AND! AND! All of our luggage was there!
As you can see, there was a lot of it.

It was kind of a hassle to haul all of it around, but totally worth it because we brought back stuff that we can’t get here or won’t buy it because it’s cheaper in the US.
Plus, Shawn does all the heavy lifting.
I’m mostly in charge of carry on items, snacks and potty breaks.  I’ll take that.

It was obvious that our bags had been rummaged through at Customs. I’m certain that one would expect this when one’s suitcase contains, you know, components to build an electric dog fence and a remote controlled helicopter.  I’m looking at you, Shawn.  :-)

So, here we are.
We’ve been doing a little unpacking and settling back in.
Today we spent most of the afternoon in pajamas hunkered down in the living room watching movies. 

We have a very exciting week ahead.
Hannah starts preschool tomorrow!

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  1. Yay for luggage! I'm sure the airport people saw that electrical stuff and started FA-REAKING out over it.

    Hannah starts preschool?! *sniff sniff* Tell her to take her time growing up.