Monday, January 30, 2012

A Tale of Two Dogs

Or, perhaps A Tail of Two Dogs?

When we decided to move to Luxembourg, one of the big questions was what we would do with our dogs? 

We have two.
Louie, our Old English Sheepdog.
(Sometimes he likes to wear Shawn’s shirts.)

And Jay.
He’s our mutt.
(But don’t tell him that.)

We went back and forth between bringing and leaving them.
In the end, we decided to bring them.

We have some really great friends and family members that took care of them for a few months until we went home to the US for Christmas.
Our plan was to bring them back with us after the holidays.

Did you know that the USDA has to be involved when you bring a pet overseas?
Well, they do.

We’ve gotten to know them and their checklists very well.

We had all the paperwork and boxes checked.
Or so we thought.

Just 8 days before our return to Luxembourg, we found out there was one more requirement which then required a 21 day window before the animals were allowed to travel.

So we returned from Christmas without them.

Last Friday, however, we were all reunited.
One of the airlines (thankfully not the one that lost our luggage twice on one trip) allows you to ship pets in the cargo area of the plane.
It’s like you’re checking a piece of luggage (in the form of a dog crate) but not actually getting on the plane yourself.
So Shawn’s parents, BLESS THEIR HEARTS, loaded both of our dogs up and put them on an airplane to Luxembourg.
Shawn picked them up at the airport Friday afternoon and met another expat doing the exact same thing as us, which was funny because we haven’t met a lot of expats that have brought pets along.

I’ll be really, really honest here. 
I was kind of enjoying being pet free.
Shawn and I got Louie when we were first married, so there really hasn’t been a time when we didn’t have a dog.
Our dogs can be loud.
Their paws make wet, muddy messes on my kitchen floor.
And sometimes they embarrass us.
(Have I ever told you that Louie was voted class clown in his obedience training class? Or that once when Shawn was out of town Jay bolted out the back door and carried a pair of my undies to the next door neighbors?) 
But we love them anyways.
They make these two people happy.


016And that makes me happy.
So, welcome to Luxembourg, boys.
We’re all glad you’re here.
Really, really glad.


  1. Cute Tina! Look at those smiles (dogs, too). :)

  2. What a great picture. Both boys look happy to be back with you and the smile on the Hannah's face is priceless. Glad everyone is happy and safe. Pam

  3. Sweet! They look so happy.
    Becky S.

  4. I had no idea you had TWO dogs. I only knew about Louie. Glad they made it over to you safe and sound. Do y'all have a yard? For some reason I pictured you in a flat.