Friday, January 20, 2012


Just popping in to share some random and silly moments captured this week on my cell phone.

While driving to Germany, we passed a big field of windmills.


There was no wind so they were standing perfectly still. 
”Ya know, if the wind was blowing and those things were moving,” Shawn said, “in this weekend alone, they could generate enough electricity to lower the price of petrochemicals by next Friday.”

Well, I know something about windmills too.
Miss Illinois is afraid of them. 

So there. 

I’m sure he’s sorry he didn’t watch the 2012 Miss America Pageant with me. 
(Although he did DVR it for me on a cable box at his parents’ house in the US, streamed it to my laptop via a Slingbox and then used a little USB transmitter do-dah thingy to display it on our TV here in Luxembourg.)

We drove up this tiny, narrow street. 
And yes, we had to go through that tunnel up ahead.  
It was about 2 inches wider than our car.
It’s amazing that neither side mirror got torn off.

There’s a Subway near our house and we go there every Sunday after church.
Some of the lunch meats have an odd quality about them, but for the most part it’s close to what you’d get in the US.
Except they still have the Sub Club Card and stamps.
Remember those?


The other day I was driving Hannah to school and a warning light came on in my car.
It said I had 53 kilometers until the gas tank would be empty.
I have no idea how far that is because as I’ve mentioned a time or twelve, I’m not so big on the metric system.


So after I dropped her off, I went to fill up.
In Lux, gas is called “petrol” and you buy it by the liter.
(Again, with the metric system.)
Notice that I’m wearing a plastic glove. 
Yes, they give you gloves for pumping petrol.
That’s because it’s all diesel fuel and the pumps sometimes leak and drip and you do not want to wear that stuff around on your hands all day. 

Hannah calls these “Sunday School crackers.”
I got them at a little shop that sells American products that you can’t get in grocery stores.
Sometimes a girl’s just gotta have some comfort food from home.
(And in case you’re wondering, that’s what our electrical outlets and light switches look like over here.)


Hannah has library day at school on Wednesdays.  Each week, they get to pick one book to bring home.  Last week she picked a book about a cat named Toffee who gets into lots of trouble.  This week she picked a book about a cat named Toffee who makes a new friend.  Apparently, Toffee has sequels.  And apparently, she’s British.  Or Canadian.


Finally – one for the grandparents.
May she always be this excited and enthusiastic about leaving for school in the mornings.
Amen and amen.



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  1. Those windmill fields are really a sight to behold. I don't know if the enormity of them can be captured in a picture. I wish we had more of them here in the states.

    I must say, I am impressed with Shawn's ability to get our television programs onto your TV there. How in the world????

    That tunnel scares me. I don't think I would have been able to drive through it, but it looks like driving backwards down that hill y'all were on would be just as difficult so I probably would have chosen to keep the car in drive.

    I do remember Subway stamps!!! Why don't we have those anymore? :(

    Sunday School crackers? Did she eat them at Sunday School every week? She always makes me laugh.

    I think we need to hear more on these Toffee exploits. Seriously.

    And yes, may Hannah ALWAYS be so thrilled to go to school in the morning. (I love her little jacket.)

  2. Heheh here in New Zealand we call it petrol too, or sometimes fuel, but not very often.

    People are afraid of windmills!? What!? I may have to go and watch that Youtube video once I've posted this comment. o.O

  3. Goldfish and Ritz??? please share where you got these in Lux :-)