Monday, January 9, 2012

The First Day


We hit a big milestone today.
Hannah is officially a student.
Today she started preschool at an International school in Luxembourg.
When we moved here last fall, we decided to wait until after the holidays for her to start school because it seemed like a lot all at once. 
Looking back, I think she would have been just fiiiiiine.
Parenting sure is a new game once school is involved, isn’t it?

She was so excited. 
Shawn went to work late this morning so that he could go with us for the drop off. 

Here she is outside her classroom, in front of her cubby. 

010 When I picked her up, her teacher told me that she interacted very nicely with the other kids.
Have I mentioned that her teacher is British? 
And that I could listen to her talk ALL DAY LONG? 
Well, I could. 
She calls the children “dah-ling” and describes things as “delightful.”
And she has a journal de classe system in which she writes a detailed summary of what happened that day for parents.  It’s a scrapbook in the making, really.

Music is part of the curriculum on Mondays and I asked Hannah how it went.
”I got to play the triangle and I absolutely enjoyed it,” she said.
(She was 4 when I dropped her off.  How was she 28 when I picked her up?)

And guess what?  She already got her first homework assignment. 


It was a successful first day.
So we celebrated with tacos for dinner and a special dessert after.
Hip hip for our little school girl.
Toy Story popsicles all around.


  1. Her answers are priceless! Of course knock-knock jokes are funny and vampires are scary. And who doesn't love a good taco with some olives on the side?

    Glad she had such a good first day and her outfit was PERFECT.

  2. "There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million." (Walt Streightiff)

    LUV her homework assignment and her answers! So happy she had a great 1st day and that she loved her music class. (We can get her a drum set for Easter, if you like!) She looked aborbs!

  3. I too love her homework assignment! Congrats on a great first day!
    Becky S.

  4. Love your blog tina! I can just hear your voice through the way you phrase things! Love those answers on her homework...nothing is better then taco's! Meghan Mc