Friday, January 6, 2012

Girlfriends and Goals

I have a really great group of girlfriends.  
They’re cool chicks. 
And I got to spend New Year’s Eve morning with them.

We’ve been friends for like a hundred years.
Various combinations of these girls have been roommates at one point or another.
We’ve been together for graduations, showers, vacations, weddings, new babies, funerals and a whole lot in between. 
We’ve celebrated good times and prayed for each other through bad times.
You’ll be shocked to know that we’ve also camped together.
In tents.
Oh, yes sir, we did.
But don’t get me started on the white water rafting trip of 2002. 
It’s too traumatic.
(Just know that it is never a good idea for a group of girls, with, how should I say it?  LIMITED UPPER BODY STRENGTH to insist on putting the guys in a separate raft and take on wild rapids armed with nothing more than standard issue helmets and paddles, a rafting guide with little respect for the water, and a tube of Lip Smackers.)

They’re the kind of girls that even if we don’t talk or see each other for a while, it’s pretty easy to just pick right back up where we left off.
I am so glad we made this little get together happen. 

(Pretend that there’s a clever transition here because I couldn’t think of anything.)

After I recapped our 2011, I started thinking about the things that I want to do or change in 2012. 

Our house in Luxembourg is comfortable, but it doesn’t quite feel like home yet.
I want to make it feel like home.
I want to do everything I can for my family.   I want to be gentler, kinder, more patient wife and mom. When I became a full time stay at home mom last summer, they became my full time job. I’ve only got one shot at this and I want to make it count.

I want to use this blog to keep a very real account of our time as expats in Europe.  We are in a situation that not many people have experienced or have a point of reference for.  Very few understand exactly what it’s like.  I want to keep a record for our family to look back on someday.  (And hopefully laugh.)

As for my phone – I need to shut ‘er down more often and just listen to the quiet.  I need to eliminate noise and nonsense from Facebook and Twitter and find more quiet from reading actual books.

Shawn’s company offers French classes to spouses.  With Hannah starting preschool, well, the opportunity and timing couldn’t be better.  I’m not talking about becoming fluent, of course, but I want to learn the basics and build a vocabulary that consists of more than my current four sentences.   

And exercise.  I want to exercise more.  (Mama’s been slacking.)

What about you?  What are your goals and resolutions for 2012?

Oh, BTDubbs, Creative Mamma has a free, super cute printable 2012 calendar.
Go check it out.  Print it. 
It will look great in your kitchen.

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  1. Hi Tina,

    It is VERY important to find that quiet place (prayer closet) and to drown out the noise of technology that surrounds us. I'm glad you are recognizing this now :)

    I am so very happy for you Tina ... truly