Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You Say Faux, I Say Fox

When I see the word “faux” in print, in my mind, I pronounce it “fox.”  Here’s the back story:
As newlyweds, Shawn and I bought an el cheapo faux leather ottoman for our living room.  After a few days, I mentioned that I thought that the smell of the new “leather” ottoman had an odd quality about it.

“Well, that’s what we get for buying fox leather.”
Fox leather?” 
“Yea, that means fake leather.  Faux, fox, whatever.  It’s mostly plastic, ya know.”


I love the faux (fox) necklace shirts that I’ve been seeing around lately.
So I made one.
And I’ll show you how to make one too.


You’ll need:
Shirt in any style and color
Fabric paint in Velveteen finish
Fabric paint with sparkles
Anything you can find around your house that will make a round stamp (I used the end of a foam paint brush, the cap to a tube of chap stick, and the eraser end of a pencil.)
Start by finding the center of your shirt so that your necklace is symmetrical.  To do this, I folded mine in half and pressed a seam down the center.

You’ll want to place a piece of cardboard between the two layers of the shirt so that the paint does not bleed through.  I used the front of a cereal box.


Start painting your “beads” from the center of your shirt.  Work your way up to the shoulder on one side and then the other. 


I used the eraser end of a pencil to make small silver beads and the cap of a tube of chap stick to make a silver chain. 


You can make as few or as many necklaces as you like.
Let the paint dry for about 4 hours.
Then comes the fun part!  Turn your iron on and let it get hot and steamy.  Hold the iron about 1/2 inch over the paint and blast it with steam.  The steam will cause the velveteen paint to raise up, giving it the look of velvet. 

fauxnecklace2 105_5040

After the steaming, I added a fabric flower with some scraps left from curtains that my grandma made for my aunt a while back.  You can find the tutorial here.  My friend Julie also has some great tutorials for fabric flowers that you can find here
Totally adorbs.

This will be a wardrobe staple this summer and in the fall, I think it will look cute with a long sleeved shirt underneath.  
I may even make one for myself!                                          


  1. Cute. Does Hannah love it?! She's such a good model.

  2. Cute shirt! What a great idea. :-)

  3. Ah, Tina, I thought I recognized that cute little face! The shirt is a BRILLIANT idea! I love it!!!