Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thanks to the Birthday Boy…

…I know how to parallel park, remove wallpaper, eat with chopsticks and swing a golf club.  I know how to hang a picture level, start a campfire, unclog a drain and change the oil in a car.
(Ok, not really the last one, but I know he’d teach me if I asked.)

I am thankful for so many things about my husband. 
So, this weekend was about celebrating him and his special day.

On Friday afternoon, after tearing myself away from Wills and Kate, Hannah and I picked up Shawn’s favorite ice cream cake, candles and balloons.  This is probably a good place to mention that I spent the better part of the day watching the Royal wedding.  Now, I didn’t get up at all hours of the night, but I did set ye old DVR on BBC and NBC.  I hadn’t planned on getting so swept up in it all, but by the end of the weekend, I had watched the wedding about three times and DVR’d every single bit of royal wedding programming available, including the 
Will and Kate movie on Lifetime.  It’s embarrassing.

Anyways.  Back to the birthday boy.

When we heard his car pull into the garage, I quickly lit the candles and we hid under the table.  (Hannah’s idea.) 
When he came around the corner into the kitchen,
we jumped out and surprised him. 
Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures.

Saturday was beautiful so we spent it playing hopscotch


and riding the scooter


while Shawn did some yard work.


(Don’t tell her that I have been eating her
Easter candy everyday while she naps.) 
(Or that she has plumber’s crack.)


Saturday night we headed to a cute sushi place for a little birthday date.  He’s a champ at eating with chopsticks, my husband.  Me?  I do okay, but sometimes I look awkward.


When we got back home, I realized that we hadn’t gotten a picture together and no one was around to take one. 
So, we balanced our camera up on the table and set the timer. 
This is what we got.  Not great, but it’ll do.


Happy Birthday to my sweet husband! 
I love you and have so much to thank you for!

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