Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Three and a Half

Dear Hannah, 
Recently you turned 3 1/2. 
I thought we’d do a little interview…


Q: What do you want to be when you get bigger?
A: A nurse.  A cat nurse.  Or an animal one.

Q:What makes mommy happy?
A: Our home.

Q: How does mommy make you laugh?
A: Oh, that laugh is almost funny like a frog.

Q: What did mommy do when she was little?
A: Go’d to school.

Q: How old is your mommy
A: Four.  Are you four, Mommy?

Q: How tall is mommy?
A: This tall! (holding arms high)

Q: What mommy’s favorite thing to do?
A: Sewing shirts for me.

Q: What is mommy really good at?
A: Taking the trash out.  And washing people. 
(This is funny because I never take the trash out – Shawn does.  And I have no idea what people she thinks I am washing.)

Q:  What do you and mommy do together?
A:  We like to do hairstyles.

Q:  How do you know your mom loves you?
A:  Everyone knows you like me!

Q:  What does mommy like most about daddy?
A:  You like his hair when it’s short, don’t ya?

Q:  What store do you like to go to?
A:  I like to go to the mall.  I like to go to those fancy stores. 

Q:  What do you like to play?
A:  I like to play with things in the tub and my horses.  And your accessories.

Q:  Where do you sleep?
A: In my bed, all cuddled up.


At 3 1/2, you are still taking a nap everyday.  You can handle missing a nap every so often and sleep about 10 1/2 hours at night.  We’ve been so fortunate that you have always been such a good sleeper.

You love counting, shapes and ABCs. You recognize and name all the letters and have started to write your name.  You write the “H” and the “A” but you told me that you don’t really like “N’s” so we’ll have to work on that one.

You are still a little cowgirl.  You put on your vest, bandana and cowgirl hat almost everyday and ride your horse.  You like to line up all of your horses in the kitchen and tie them to the leg of the table, which you call “my hitching post.”  You recently told us of an idea that you had in which we would move the cars out of our garage and keep a horse in there.  You said that we would put a trough and hay in the driveway and a hitching post down by the mailbox.  Your little imagination amazes us!

You finished your second swimming class last week and you loved every minute of it. 


Your hair is as curly as ever and you recently got your first haircut.  You were hesitant when I told you that Demi (grandma) was going to cut your hair.  I assured you that she knew what she was doing and that she’s been cutting Papa’s hair since I was a little girl.  You immediately said that you didn’t want Demi to cut your hair.  I asked you why and you said, “Because I don’t want my hair like Papa’s!”

You are also really into playing in my make-up and getting your nails painted.  About once a week, we put newspapers down in the bathroom and I paint your nails and you paint mine.

You are such a fun, giggly little girl and we are so glad that you love to travel as much as we do.  In just 3 1/2 years, you have been to Los Angeles, New York City and San Antonio.  And, sweet girl, we have many more exciting adventures in store for you soon!  We love you more than you’ll ever know.


  1. I cracked up that she doesn't want her hair to look like Papa's. Bwhahahahaha.

    She is such a smart little girl w/an amazing vocabulary. And she reasons things out more than any 3 year old I've ever met.

    Happy half birthday Hannah!

  2. Making thois interviews...What a fantastic idea!
    My son just turned seven and I never remembered this...
    You're a terrific mum!