Wednesday, September 25, 2013

RV Life: Final Stop at Lake Geneva

This will be the final post about our RV Around Europe trip. (I think.)
After we left the Italian town of Savona, we headed North through Torino and on to Lake Geneva.
We ended up in Excenevex, France and camped for the night, along the lake.


At the first sight of the Alps, we pulled into the next rest area to eat lunch and take in the view.


Lake Geneva is stunning.


The campground had an amazing pool, and we spent lots of time here and also swimming in the lake.




Next we drove to Geneva, Switzerland, which in my opinion is one of the cleanest and classiest cities I’ve ever visited.  This was my third time here, and yet again, it didn’t disappoint.  I would not, I repeat, WOULD NOT be upset if Shawn was asked to do an expat assignment in Geneva.


This is the Jet d’Eau, which is one of the largest fountains in the world.  We didn’t get to see it at night – all lit up – but I’ve heard it’s spectacular.


From Geneva, it was time to head back to La-La-Luxembourg.  We left Geneva late in the afternoon and arrived home at one o’clock in the morning.  This family likes to squeeze every single last minute out of a vacation.  We carried the kids in, put them in their beds and Shawn and I spent the next three hours unloading and cleaning the RV because it had to be back in Frankfurt (a two hour drive from Luxembourg) the next morning at 10.
At 4:00 in the morning, we finally got into bed.
Shawn woke up at 6:30 and took the RV back.  We were all sad to see it go.

When he returned home, we spent the rest of the day like this:


1. It’s a lota lota work.  The planning, the packing, the organizing, the grocery shopping.  I could go on, but it’s not the kind of trip that you can just set off on all willy-nilly. 
2.  It’s the perfect way to see a lot of places in one trip.  In fact, here’s a map of our route and all the places we stopped along the way. 


3.  You must have a sense of humor to travel this way.  When you’re operating and maneuvering a 29 foot vehicle in and through foreign countries, something’s bound to go wrong or slow you down or cause you to darn near lose your fool head.
4.  It’s the perfect way to travel with kids.  Ya know, a lot of people thought we were kinda crazy for taking a nearly 5 month old baby in an RV, but I’ll tell you what – it was no big deal, a pleasure even, to take a baby on this kind of trip.  There was no hauling stuff into hotels, everything was right there and we could put him down for a nap or to bed and the rest of us were free to sit outside, watch TV (because it wasn’t that kind of camping, you understand) and play games while he slept.
Now.  That’s not to say that I didn’t over pack and bring every single baby gadget that we own.  Because I did.  I even brought along his swing.  And when there wasn’t enough floor space for it to swing wide and free, Shawn did some re-engineering and whathaveyou to make it fit into the small confines of the RV.  I wish I had a picture to show you, but since I don’t I can only tell you that the modifications he made to the My Little Lamb Platinum Edition Cradle ‘N Swing were neither what Fisher Price nor the good Lord intended.
5.  This was truly the trip of a lifetime.  I will never, for as long as I live, forget the memories we made in these 15 days.  Finley, of course, won’t remember a thing, but Hannah certainly will.  I hope she takes these precious memories with her into adulthood. 

Okay, I think that’s it for the RV posts.
I can’t end this without saying how much I appreciate Shawn for everything he did for this trip.  He took care of all the details and made everything so convenient and easy for me.  He thought of everything. No detail was overlooked, down to the special GPS that he ordered in which we entered the dimensions of the RV and it made sure to take us on routes where we’d fit and not tear the top of the vehicle off going under a bridge or something. 
Despite all the crazy things like the Italian guy trying to scam us for the equivalent of THIRTEEN AMERICAN DOLLARS, a man answering the door in his underwear, and the RV getting stuck on a narrow, windy road in Corsica, we laughed.  Oh, did we laugh.  And we made it back in one piece, under budget and with no insurance claims. 

I’d say it was a pretty successful vacation.
(And we’re planning to do it again next summer.) 



  1. I have LOVED your RV vacation and I am so glad you shared!

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  3. I really enjoyed reading about your time in Europe. It seems like you had a great time crossing border after border. Your photos tell a great story of nature, cities, villages and the great life of relaxation. It's a long journey, and it's sad to see it end. I'm looking forward to reading about your next travel destination!

    Liza Pilon @