Thursday, September 19, 2013

6 Months with Finley

Finley turned six months this week.
He gets sweeter and sweeter everyday.


He still sleeps great at night and does decent most days for naps. 
They were going consistently well for a while, but some days, naps are a bust.
But I won’t complain because he rarely wakes up during the night.


His 6 month doctor appointment was today and here are his stats:
Weight:  18 pounds 1 ounce
Length: 26 inches

We’re going to start introducing solids this weekend and I have a feeling this boy is going to LOVE it.
We’ve been exclusively breastfeeding until now and I think he’s ready for a bit more. 

Sometimes his big sister does stuff like this to him.


But he still thinks she’s the greatest thing ever.


Finley rolls and scoots all over the floor and his crib and is starting to sit unassisted, but plops forward before I can get a good picture.  He loves being held and cuddled, riding in his stroller, playing in the exersaucer, being worn in the baby wrap, and sitting in his Bumbo.  He’s not long for the Bumbo because his thighs are so chunky that I fear they’ll get stuck.
He also loves to shake toys and flaps his arms around when he gets excited about something.

Oh, and he’s discovered his voice and loves to squeal, talk and shout.


Finley had his first swim two weeks ago during Hannah’s swimming lessons.  He looked beyond adorable in his little swimming trunks and LOVED splashing and having me glide him around in the water.  Since I was at the pool alone with the kids, I didn’t get a picture.  After swimming, he was, as the British say, knackered.   Naptime was NOT a bust that day!


His eyes have remained blue and his hair red.
I think he’s soooo handsome.
(Of course, I’m biased.)


For comparison, here’s Hannah at six months.
She was a tiny 14 pounds, but just as happy and smiley.
(Please excuse the font on her sign and the date in the corner of the photo.  In my defense, it was 2008 and I didn’t know any better.)


Happy half birthday, Finn Man.


You’re one cool dude.

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