Thursday, September 12, 2013


This morning I woke up and told Shawn, “I guess it’s official.  I’m now closer to 40 than 30.”
Today I’m 36. (Even though I feel like I’m 23.)
Shawn was already dressed and about to leave for work when I heard the kids start to stir.
I fed Finley, made breakfast for Hannah, changed the sheets on all the beds and threw a load of laundry in the washing machine.

When you’re a mom, you’re still a mom.  Even when it’s your birthday.

We headed off to Hannah’s swimming lessons and while she was in class, Finley and I wandered around the pool and into the back of the building.
It is so important, my friends, to read the signs before you just go waltzing on into the sauna area of a European indoor pool.


I won’t be making that mistake twice.

Later in the afternoon, we met up with a few friends at my favorite, albeit touristy café: The Chocolate House.  We had hot chocolate, which was perfect for this chilly, cloudy and rainy Luxembourg day and they spoiled me with flowers, candles and some of my favorite soaps and perfumes.
These girls have become like family to me and I love that they planned this special little celebration for me.  A few of my girls weren’t able to make it and they were missed. 
(We’ll catch up soon!)

Before leaving the city, we popped into a kitchen store and I bought myself a birthday gift: a potato peeler.  I know it sounds like an odd gift to buy for yourself, but the truth is that I lost mine and this week my need for a potato peeler was urgent because I accidentally bought 5 kilos of potatoes, which is TOTALLY NOT THE SAME as 5 pounds of potatoes, so you know, potato soup for everyone.

You might be wondering how or where one loses a potato peeler, and I have two theories.  1.  It got left in the RV, or, 2. It got thrown away with a sink full of potato and carrot peels in the days after the RV trip.  Either way, the peeler is gone. But the new one?  Oh, it’s lovely.  It’s smaller and lighter than my old one and has a much more ergonomic handle.  I’m about to put the hurt on 5 kilos of pommes de terres.

Anyway, when we returned home this afternoon, our mailbox and my inbox were filled with birthday wishes. Thank you, friends and family.
(And a really big thank you to my mom, aunt, grandma and Shawn’s mom and aunt for the gifts!)

Then I changed out the laundry and got dinner ready for Hannah.
Did I mention that you’re still a mom, even on your birthday? 

Shawn came home with a gift for me and dinner for the two of us and after the kids were fed, bathed, read to and tucked in, we had a quiet dinner in the living room. 
This weekend we’ve got a babysitter and we’re headed out for a dinner to celebrate our anniversary and my birthday.

So, I guess the first day of my 36th year can be summed up with the following:
a nudist sauna, hot chocolate, a potato peeler and time spent with friends and my sweet family.

Minus the nudist sauna, it was the perfect day.


  1. Sounds perfect! Happy, Happy Birthday to you. I am so close to 40 that it hurts. You still have a few years, so no worries. Glad you enjoyed your day!

  2. Thanks to Outlook (recurrence), I had your birthday reminding me all week. Sorry I am just now getting on line! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET FRIEND! I do love your writing. Did you know there is software to make your blog a book? Consider it .... or at least make a draft to see what it would look like. A KEEPSAKE for your children. Anyway, glad you are surrounded by friends who love you as much as we do in the States!