Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back to School

I wasn’t quite ready for it, but school started today.  As I’ve mentioned before, our school calendar here is a bit different than in the US.  We go mid-September until mid-July, with quite a few breaks in between. 

This is Hannah’s third year at the British school – Early Years (preschool), Reception (Pre-K) and today she started Year 1, which is similar to Kindergarten in the US.

(The chalkboard is from IKEA and has a dry erase board on the other side and a roll of craft paper under the little tray that can be pulled over for painting.  I’m not sure if IKEA in the US carries these, but, seriously.  Best euros ever spent.)

She’s been looking forward to this day all summer.


Mostly because in Year 1, you get to check out TWO books at a time from the school library.
She was pretty excited to show her friends her new haircut, her missing tooth and wear her new pink, sparkly shoes.


Just like last year and the year before, Shawn took the morning off work to take her to school.
We toured her classroom, met her teacher and the teacher’s assistant, who happens to be a man.
Hannah calls him “the boy teacher.”   

When I picked her up at the end of the day she was all smiles.
“Year 1 is great!  I think I’ll come back tomorrow!” 

Her first two teachers have been British, but her teacher this year is Irish.
(And just lovely, by the way.)

If the last two years are indicators, Hannah will be saying “mind yerself, lads,” by the end of next week.

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  1. I noticed her pink, sparkly shoes right away! Great taste Hannah!

    Please take more video of her new Irish accent when she develops it. Love that girl. :)