Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On The Good Way

We stopped at la poste and had lunch on our way home from Hannah’s doctor appointment yesterday. 

It’s so good to see her bounce with energy, hear her talk non stop and eat normally now that she’s feeling better.


Across the street from our little town’s post office, there’s a blue moose with the year 2007 carved out.  I have no idea what the significance of the moose or the 2007 is, but since it’s the year Hannah was born we thought a picture was a good idea. 


We had a bit of a rough patch (read: stomach pain and vomiting due to her recent illness) at the tail end of last week, resulting in an order from the doctor for an ultrasound of her abdomen.  I’m not going to write about the experience because the only detail I care to remember was how brave and calm Hannah was, yet I don’t mind telling you that it was the most anxiety ridden, terrifying forty minutes I’ve lived as a mom.  I’ve always felt heartache for moms of kids with serious illnesses…and now I know just a tiny bit of their worry and burden.  I wish every mom could be naïve to that feeling.

Oh, and Shawn was in Romania for the whole of last week.
Single moms, I tip my hat to you. 

The results of the ultrasound turned out to be exactly as expected, given Hannah’s illness and she’s going to be fine.  At yesterday’s appointment, the doctor was pleased with how well she’s doing.
”We are on zee goot way,” she told me.
(And there’s no reason to think that we won’t be able to go on our vacation in a few weeks.  Earlier on, there was some concern.)

After last Friday’s ultrasound, we received a notice that packages from the US were waiting for us at the post office – one from my mom and one from Shawn’s mom.  The timing couldn’t have been better. 

These two were pretty excited.

In timing that only God could orchestrate, a dear friend who’s become like family to us happened to drive by as we were leaving the post office.  She pulled over, got out of her car, hugged me and listened to the entire story.

(We may have also gotten honked at for partially blocking the road.  And a comment may have been made comparing us to a bunch of Italians.)

(No offense to Italians.  But apparently they’re known for pulling over and blocking the road?)

We spent the majority of the weekend at home, Shawn resting from his travels, and Hannah continuing to recover.  We spent a lot of time playing in Hannah’s room.

Sorry, Finn Man.  When you’re the little brother, sometimes you have to wear a tiara to the tea party.

Or if your big sister’s feeling generous, you get to be the cowboy.


Speaking of Finn, last week while Shawn was gone, I moved him into his own room. 
I think he loves it.  He was running out of room in his little bassinet next to our bed and now when we put him to bed in his crib, he stretches his whole body out.  He hasn’t woken up once during the night since he’s been in there.  And he also started rolling onto his side.  I don’t think it’ll be long before he rolls all the way over.


Thank you to all our friends and family who’ve been praying for Hannah. 
We still have one more doctor appointment this week and two next week and I’m hoping that we’ll be released to return to activities as tolerated and normal.

Because now that WE ARE ON ZEE GOOT WAY, there’s no telling what we’ll get into.

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  1. That moose looks like an Abercrombie and Fitch moose. I wonder if their store opened in 2007?

    I'm so happy to hear that Hannah is feeling better. I too hope that you get the "all clear" soon and she is feeling 100%. No more scary moments for mom!