Thursday, July 18, 2013

Four Months

Finley is four months old!


He’s such a happy, calm and easy going guy. 
One of my friends said he looks like he’s going to St. Tropez in this outfit. 

The stats from today’s doctor appointment:
weight: 16 pounds 1 ounce
length: 24 3/4 inches

When he got his vaccinations this morning, he didn’t cry.  He simply looked at the doctor like Whatthehecklady?  He’s a brute.


He’s still sleeping great, although about two weeks ago he woke up twice during the night to eat…for three nights in a row.  I was worried that our full nights of sleep had come to a screeching halt, but clearly the favor of the Lord has shone down upon us and after those three nights he went back to his normal nighttime sleeping hours of 8PM until 7-7:30AM.  Halleluiah and amen.
(He still wakes for an occasional 4AM feeding, maybe twice a week.)


Some of Finley’s favorite activities include staring at and chewing on his hands, reaching for toys and chewing on them, cooing and talking to us, sitting in the Bumbo, being worn in the baby wrap, being outside and going for walks.  Oh, and eating.  He loves to eat.

Feedings are going well and we’re still exclusively breastfeeding.  He cracks me up because as soon as he gets onto the Boppy he starts smacking his lips and opens his mouth like he’s about to take a bite of a double cheeseburger.  He’s a quick eater and has started getting distracted during feedings so sometimes I have to cover him up.
I know there are pros and cons and opinions on both sides about when to start cereal/baby purees, but we’ve decided to hold off for now.  (I waited until 6 months to start Hannah on solids.) We’re on a nice little schedule and he’s growing well.   

So, happy four months to our sweet boy, Finley…Finn…The Finster…The Finn Man. 
Did you know that some people call him Chubs?


I have no idea why.

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