Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Eight Things

Just a bit of what’s been happening around here…

1.  Almost 13 years ago, a little girl named Christine was the flower girl in my wedding.  Two weeks ago, she got married.  And my sister Traci was the maid of honor. 
I think we’ve come full circle.  

We weren’t able to be there for the special day, but we did get to wish them a big congrats in real time and were able to see pictures throughout the ceremony and reception thanks to all the friends and family that posted on Instagram under their hash tag.


To make the day even sweeter, they drove away in my dad’s vintage Corvette.
He’d be so proud if he was here to see this. 
(I can practically hear him saying, “Don’t scratch my ‘Vette.”)


They also put this special bit in their programs.
(Since she was a toddler, Christine always called my dad ‘Trace Daddy.’)


2. Child labor.  Kidding.  Hannah loves for me to give her special jobs around the house and she loves it even more that she can earn a few Euros per week doing them.   


Laundry day with two very helpful assistants.


3.  When important pieces of mail arrive, Shawn almost always asks me to translate them from French to English for him, whether by Google Translate or from what I know myself.  (I actually understand quite a bit when reading or listening.  But speaking French?  I’m not so great at that.)
Anyway, it always makes me laugh when we get something in the mail that has already been translated to English.  This is a flyer for a local football (that’s soccer to Americans) camp in our town.  My favorite parts?
Defeat is digested.
Bring with yourself hunger and good mood.
Some things just don’t translate well, do they?


4.  After school one day last week, I did something I’ve never done before:  I took both kids by myself on the bus into the city.  It was a bit tricky to lift the stroller onto (and then off) of the bus, pay the fare and get us all through the little turnstyle thing without bumping into other people, but once we were situated we had a good time.
Hannah always loves riding the bus, but Finn wasn’t all that impressed by his first ride. 


5.  YAY! Look what arrived on Saturday morning from Amazon.  Our beach parasol, or le grand parapluie rouge, as we’ve been calling it. 
The countdown to our vacation has begun.  Never mind the bad luck we may have brought on ourselves for opening le grand parapluie rouge indoors.


6.  I told myself after writing about our day at the pool that I wasn’t going to talk about Speedos on the blog any more, but when it’s summertime in Europe and you’re from the land of Lengthy Full Coverage Board Shorts, it’s hard not to notice and discuss them a great deal with other people who are also from lands of Lengthy Full Coverage Board Shorts.  Just this morning, a blog reader (and new mom!) who lives here in Luxembourg sent me an email asking if I’d seen the article in the local newspaper about Speedos.  The title of the article?  Are you ready for this?  Der Wonderbra Des Mannes.  I just can’t.

7.  We’re in the final week of school here and so ready to begin our summer break.   At the end of school last year, I saw a great idea on Pinterest – each year, have your child’s teacher write a note and sign the inside of Oh, The Places You’ll Go and give it to them at their high school graduation.  I wasn’t able to find the book in Luxembourg, so I ordered it from Amazon.  I’ve got two signatures – last year’s teacher and this year’s.  What a gift this will be for Hannah when she graduates.  I plan to do the same for Finley when he starts school.


8.  And just because I love how happy he wakes up every morning…



  1. I love the book idea! If by chance I have another child (which is a big, fat, resounding NO) I will do that too.

    That umbrella is ENORMOUS. :)

    I love that your flower girl honored your dad in the program and that they got to drive his vet. Made me tear up.

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