Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Weekly Bump: 39

I was hoping that I wasn’t going to have to write this week’s post, but I’m still here and still pregnant. 

And I admit – as thankful as I am for this baby and a healthy pregnancy, I’m kind of over it.
I’m so excited to meet this little baby and to be able to start to feel back to my old self again.

Here’s my 39 week photo.
I can barely see my feet.


A bunch of the British mums at Hannah’s school have told me that the best way to start labor is to eat curry.  I sent Shawn a text and this is what he came home with the other night:


I don’t think I can do it.  I mean…ewww…I just…can’t.

I had a dr. appointment on Monday and again all is well.  There are definite signs that labor’s a startin’ but for now we just wait.  I told her again that I think the baby weighs 11 pounds and she laughed and assured me that he/she does not weigh that much.  She probably thinks I’m a dramatic American.


We’ve had some major snow here in Luxembourg this week.  So much so that yesterday on the way home from taking Hannah to school, my little car got stuck going up the hill on the way back to our house, which is exactly what one wants to deal with at 39 weeks pregnant.

What I thought was a fortunate city truck sighting turned out to be completely useless.

I rolled down my window and waved him over.
”Pardon, parlez vous anglais?” Excuse me, do you speak English?
”Non, francais.” No, French.
”D’accord.  Je suis enciente de neuf mois…je ne peux pas…ma voiture…la niege…” Ok.  I’m 9 months pregnant…I cannot…my car…the snow… (Very broken French here, folks.)
”Vouz allez a l’hopital?” Are you going to the hospital?
”Non, non.  A chez moi.”  No, no.  Home.
”Quelle maison?” Which house is yours?
”Soixante-dix.” Seventy.
Then he pretty much told me that I’d have to turn around and find another route to my house.  I’m not sure of the French word he was using, but he was motioning for me to turn around and go back down the hill. 
Geez, thanks.
Fortunately, with some fancy maneuvering and full throttle spinning of my tires, I unstuck my car enough to turn around and make it down the hill.  I then rerouted myself completely around the city and came in the back way, which provided somewhat clearer roads and less hill to climb.
All totaled, it took me two hours take Hannah to school and return home.

Anyway, we are all set to have a baby! 
The house is clean, laundry finished, meals planned for Shawn and Hannah while I’m at the hospital and my bags are packed! 

We are so excited to meet this little baby!


  1. The snow story is funny. Do you think the guy might have been more willing to help if you were going to the hospital? Your baby will be here before you know it!!

  2. Wow, look at you and your fancy French! I am impressed- very impressed. I can't wait to read the "He/She is here!" post!