Monday, January 17, 2011

Toy Story and Some Ramblings

First things first - I took Hannah to see Toy Story 3 On Ice last weekend.  I may have been just as excited about it as she was. 

Here we are getting ready to leave for the show.  I made the shirt at Hannah’s request.  She was quite specific – she wanted Bullseye, an “H” and her name on it.  I’m not usually a fan of children’s clothing with characters on it, but I’m okay with this one, given the occasion.  I found the shirt and fabric at Hobby Lobby for a total of less than $6.




We arrived with plenty of time to spare, so we walked around before heading to our seats.  I think Hannah was as overwhelmed by the overpriced merchandise as I was. 


My husband, bless his heart, found these green glow stick/flashlight things for $2 at Target, which eliminated any requests for said overpriced merchandise.toystory4

The show was fantastic – the music, the skating, the costumes, the lights.  We ate snacks from my purse until we were stuffed.  Hannah laughed at all the right parts and pumped her fist in the air each time her beloved Bullseye skated onto the ice. 

And now on to the ramblings…

1. I served as a juror in a criminal trial two weeks ago.  After sitting in the courtroom for what seemed like a precious forever, hearing and seeing all the evidence, we were sent to the jury room to deliberate.  The room looked like the gate area of an airport and while I waited for further instruction with the other tourists, I mean jurors, I had to remind myself that we weren’t going anywhere.   We also got to wear badges to easily identify us as jurors so that as we walked around the courthouse for breaks and whatnot, no one would approach us to discuss anything about anything.  After a short deliberation, we came to a decision and I am confident that we made the right one.  Besides some new information that I gained regarding the law, I know two things: one can never be too careful with one’s words and this girl is done with courtrooms for a while.

2. I finished up my first project of 2011 and will be sharing a tutorial soon.  Here’s a sneak peek:


3.  When Hannah says her prayers at night, she has been ending it with, “And that’s all.  Amen. I’m done.”

4.  On New Year’s day, Shawn’s entire family played wii Just Dance.  I’ve not had so much fun in ages.   As my husband swung a pretend lasso at the end of “Viva Las Vegas,” I was reminded of one of the many reasons I married him.  No, not for his agile dance moves, but because underneath his strategic and analytical engineering mind, he is so silly and carefree and doesn’t care if he looks ridiculous.

5. Hannah has found herself a cowboy!  He’s all boy and has a twin sister that is as pretty as he is handsome. 

Video 173 0 00 01-06

6.  My car has been doing some strange things lately.  As it turns out there’s a little electrical problem under the hood.  The horn, for absolutely no reason has started honking on its own, whenever it well pleases.  And, oh sweet mercy, it is so embarrassing.  I just never know when it’s going to start up.  Sunday, I pulled into the driveway and it started honking, making one long, obnoxious fog horn sounding noise.  Shawn came flying out of the house and I just sat there, staring at him with my hands in the air, as if I was surrendering to law enforcement, mouthing, “I’m not touching it.  I’m not even touching it.”

And that’s all. Amen. I’m done.

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