Tuesday, December 3, 2013

We Called it “Fakesgiving” and we Gobbled Till We Wobbled

It all started with a Facebook status update of an American friend of mine who lives here in Luxembourg.
Long story short: she borrowed my car and then invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner.

Only we called it Fakesgiving because we didn’t have it on actual Thanksgiving, but the Saturday after.
There was good food, good drinks, and the good company of other Americans and a few Europeans who were experiencing their first, real live Thanksgiving.


I spent the afternoon before baking both pumpkin and apple pies and while I was upstairs, Shawn sent me this picture.  (Is it just us, or do other couples text each other from different rooms of the house?)  Anyway, for a second I panicked because I thought he had helped himself to a big piece of pie that was supposed to go to the Fakesgiving dinner but then I calmed down when I realized that this was not my pie dish. 


I printed some Thanksgiving photo props and we set up a little photo booth.
The kids took it very seriously at first.


Our fantastic hosts…


…and some new European friends.
They told me that the flavor of pumpkin pie is very unusual to them.
I’m sure that holding a pilgrim hat, a Native American head dress and a turkey on a stick is, too. 
But they were good sports, no?




When we got home and the kids and I were already in our pajamas I realized that we didn’t get a family picture.  So Shawn set up the camera on the tripod, we arranged ourselves on the steps and set the timer.

This is what we got.
Now, we don’t usually let our baby play with kabob skewers, but he was supposed to be holding the turkey leg.  Somewhere between getting situated and the camera flashing, he destroyed it. 


Our third (and maybe last?) Thanksgiving in Europe is over and I’ve never been more thankful for this little family.

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  1. Oh I love the props and the photobooth idea! How great that you had such an incredible celebration!