Thursday, December 19, 2013

9 Months

Finley is nine months old!

I also want to mention that one year ago this week my dad had surgery that went terribly wrong.  When we arrived home in the US, he’d been unconscious for about a week, but had been intermittently alert enough to communicate with my mom and sister.

When I got to his ICU room, 26 weeks pregnant, he opened his eyes slightly and my mom said, “Tina’s here.  Look at her belly.”

He couldn’t speak, but he mouthed to me, “Boy.”
I wish he could’ve known that he was right.
Sometimes I wonder…in heaven does God tell him about Finley?

Hannah was my dad’s world and I can’t even tell you how much he would’ve loved him, too.


Finley’s still sweet, calm and easy going.
And this boy loves to eat!
He’s had just about every fruit (except citrus), vegetable, meat and pasta in puree form and feeds himself peas, bananas, bread, cooked carrots and broccoli.  It’s a big mess and most of it ends up on the floor.  He’s also tried drinking from a cup…and that usually ends up on the floor, too.


Finley had a doctor appointment last week and he was 19 pounds, 8 ounces and 27 inches. 
His rate of weight gain has slowed down, and I asked the doctor about that but she said it is completely normal at this age.  Then she laughed and pointed out that his belly was hanging over his pants and said, “Dees ees nosing to worry about.  Dees ees a healthy baby.”


His favorite game is peek-a-boo!
He has seven teeth – four on top and three on bottom.  The doctor also said that “dees ees time to do goot washing of zee teeth.”  


He gets up on all fours and scoots backwards, but hasn’t quite figured out how to go forwards yet.  I don’t think it will be long, though.  Diaper changes and getting dressed have become a circus act because Finley rolls and wiggles all over.  I think he likes to be wrestled in and out of his clothes. 


We put up our little Christmas trees and he LOVED the lights.

Finley’s still a great little sleeper and sleeps 11-12 hours at night, but naps aren’t as consistent and I think it’s because we’re on the go a lot with Hannah’s school and activities.  He still takes two naps a day and some days he sneaks in a little cat nap around 5PM.  On the days when he’s not sleeping during nap time?  This is what he’s doing.  It’s like he knows we’re watching him.


Finley’s started to wave and he really babbles a lot. He says, “dada” all the time, and “mama” every so often.  (My mom got him a pack of four of the striped onsies he’s wearing below.  They are the best – so soft and comfortable and they wash well and go with everything. He’s going to be living in them until he outgrows them.)


He has a great laugh.  See?

(The video is dark because we had just pulled the car into the garage and Hannah had him laughing so hard in the backseat that I couldn’t not take a video.)

Happy 9 months, Finn! 


  1. I KNOW your dad knows all about this sweet boy and is just as in love with him as y'all are. I venture to guess that your dad is going to be his guardian angel Finn's entire life.

    His laugh is fabulous. How can you not smile hearing that belly laugh?

    I can't get over how big he is sitting up all on his own and looking like a big kid. I don't remember how much my boys weighed when they were 9 months, but Finn sounds little to me. :)

    He is precious Tina. I'm so glad you still blog so I can see him grow up. (That's a knock against myself seeing as how I couldn't figure out how to pay for mine. *rolling eyes*)

  2. What a cutie!! Your dad is definitely looking down on your gorgeous family. Happy 9 months little guy.