Friday, May 10, 2013

Faire Le Pont and Other Randoms

Thursday was a holiday in Europe, so pretty much the entire country of Luxembourg closed up shop for the day.  It doesn’t seem all that worthwhile to have a Thursday off, go to work for one day and then have a weekend, so on Friday, a lot of people do what the French call faire le pont, which means to make a bridge between the holiday and the weekend.

And that’s exactly what Shawn’s doing today.

But let me back up a minute.  Yesterday, Shawn and Hannah took a little day trip to Paris.
That’s the beauty of where we live – it’s just a short train ride away.  It seemed like an awful lot of work to take a 7 week old baby, so I stayed home with Finley.


I didn’t even realize that we were both wearing stripes until I posted this picture.  He looks kind of concerned about it.


Unfortunately, Hannah’s school doesn’t like students to faire le pont, so she had to go today.
Shawn came along with us and there’s not much that’s more exciting to her than having her daddy come to her school.  


After dropping Hannah off, Shawn and I had quiche, pastries and hot chocolate at a little café while Finley slept.


Then we headed into the city center to drop off/check on/fill out some paperwork pertaining to Finn’s birth.  Having a baby in a foreign country?  The registrations, forms, paperwork and whatnots and whathaveyous are endless.  ENDLESS, I TELL YOU.

But it was a lovely day, and the paperwork went faster than we anticipated.

And while we continue to faire le pont today, I’ll leave you with some tidbits of what else we’ve been up to this week.

Last Sunday was beautiful so we spent the afternoon along the Mosel.  We’re standing in Luxembourg and just across the river is Germany.  Finley rode along in his Over the Shoulder Baby Holder and loved it.


Hannah’s been practicing her “high frequency” reading words.  In a princess dress, of course.
“Mom, today we’re going to work on digraphs.  You know, when two letters get smooshed together to make a sound, like shhh…”


My sister sent Hannah a Topsy Turvy – one of those As Seen On TV things that grows tomato plants upside down.  I’m the only one in this house who will eat tomatoes, but she didn’t really send it for the sake of growing produce in our backyard.  No, she sent it so that we could hear Hannah say
“tah-mah-toe” in her British accent. 

This was the scene in our neighborhood on Tuesday.  As we were leaving Hannah’s school in the afternoon, a big rain storm came through and by the time I got both kids in the car and the stroller into the trunk, or the boot, as they call it here, my jeans and shoes were soaked completely through.  A few minutes later, the hail started and left our street and front porch covered in pellets of ice.


Did you know that in Europe they call bathing suits swimming costumes? It cracks me up.  When I came across this I almost bought it because, I mean, Finley was born in Europe, so it’s probably totally appropriate for him to wear baby Speedo, right?  But then I just couldn’t do it.  I went with the American style board shorts instead.  Which is also the kind of swimming costume his dad will be wearing this summer.  No Speedos for these Americans, thank you.


Shawn: Hey I left my ear buds in the pocket of those jeans I wore on Saturday.  Will you get them out before you throw them in the wash?

Oh, you mean the jeans that I put in the wash TWENTY MINUTES AGO?
And those ear buds?  Those right there?


I love that Shawn and I send each other little texts and emails throughout the day, but it looks like he’s started to delegate this.  Thanks, Siri.  You sure know how to make a girl feel special.


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