Thursday, February 28, 2013

This Conversation Happened

“Hey Mom, what’s a suspect?”

“That’s a person who someone thinks is guilty of breaking the law.”

“What’s an intruder?”

”An intruder is a person who goes somewhere they don’t have permission.”

”How do police take people to jail?”



Either she’s been secretly watching episodes of Law & Order or she’s planning a criminal heist of sorts.

Should we be worried?


  1. In 4th Grade, Mason chose to do a 3 month Independent Study report on forensics. My nine year old learned how to lift a fingerprint and search a crime scene. I did draw the line at him researching "Computer Forensics" which, more or less, deals with kiddie porn. :-/

  2. The child is brilliant. No need to worry, just start planning her future career. :)