Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Story About the Photo

Last summer, I updated to the Timeline on Facebook.
Actually, Facebook did it for me and they kept prompting me to add a cover photo, so I did.
I added this:


And then I got some comments from friends that made me laugh hysterically and realize that I should tell how this photo really came to be.
Some of the comments included phrases like “euro chic,” and “famous looking.”
Lest you think we are either of these things, I can assure you WE ARE NOT.
In fact, we pretty much always look like goofy American tourists.
And we embarrass ourselves on a daily basis over here.

So, here’s the original SOOC (straight out of the camera) photo, taken by my aunt when she and my uncle were visiting us in Luxembourg and we spent the weekend in Paris. 


As you can see, she was trying to take a picture of the man playing the violin in the street and Shawn, Hannah and I just happened to be in the way.  An unintentional photo bomb, if you will.

However, I love candid, unposed photos, so I cropped, changed to a sepia tone and antiqued it a bit. 

I love the way the edited photo turned out.  In fact, I think I’m going to frame it for our living room.


Let me tell you a little more about what’s happening here:

We had just walked up the old, windy, wobbly cobblestone streets to the highest point in Paris.  Shawn was pushing Hannah in a stroller that was not made for wobbly cobblestone streets.  Not long before this photo was taken, Shawn stepped on my foot, tripping me and ripping the heel partially off of my left boot.  It was like I was wearing one boot and one flip flop.

If you look closely you’ll see that Shawn is wearing a backpack.  A sure sign of a tourist.  Oh, and in my hand?  A folded up, pocket sized map of Paris and a granola bar from which Hannah took three bites and handed back to me.
It’s all very fancy, isn’t it?

Shawn’s grandpa always says that photos should tell a story.
But this one kind of needed an explanation. 

(In case you were worried, my left boot is now good as new.  When we got back to Luxembourg, Shawn fixed it with a dab of Gorilla Glue and a clamp.)

And if you still weren’t convinced you that we are just a couple of goofy Midwestern Americans, that probably cleared things right up.


  1. I love the edited picture, and the story behind it!

  2. Ha! I still prefer to look at the picture as a glamorous couple with their most adorable daughter. And yes, frame it!