Friday, December 7, 2012

The Weekly Bump: 25 (And We Are Nowhere Near Prepared)

Well, Wednesday, we hit 25 weeks.
I was just telling Shawn last night that I can’t believe we only have 15 weeks left, but possibly less if this baby decides to make his/her appearance earlier.  (Hannah was born at 39 weeks.)

Then we both just stared at each other and Shawn said, “Wait a minute.  How many weeks is a pregnancy?”


More blank staring.

”Ok, so we really don’t have a whole lot of time, do we?  Did we bring any of Hannah’s baby stuff to Luxembourg?”

”No.  We don’t have one single baby item in this house.”
We’ve got some work to do, my friends.

This is what I’m looking like this week:


The belly is really growing!

25 weeks
And here’s what’s been happening:

The Baby: This week the baby weighs in around a pound and a half and is about 13 1/2 inches long.   His or her hands are fully developed and over the next few days blood vessels in the lungs will form.
Maternity clothes: I’m still wearing normal shirts if they are long, some maternity shirts and maternity jeans/pants. I did wear regular leggings this week, but they are getting tight.
Movement: Lots and lots of movement this week.  Shawn’s been able to feel the baby move for a while, but a few days ago, Hannah got to feel it as well.
And now, it’s a regularly scheduled part of our evening. 

IMG_1599                                     Waiting patiently for baby brother or sister to kick

I’m sleeping pretty well. I’ve been waking up every few nights but haven’t had much trouble falling back asleep.  I’ve also been sneaking in a little nap a few days a week before I pick Hannah up from school. 
Food Cravings: None, really.  I’m still liking salty foods far better than sweet things and I’m more thirsty than normal.  
Symptoms: A big belly! I still get out of breath easily and I feel like everything is moving upwards as my belly grows.  I also feel stretching and tightness in my belly, and a few Braxton Hicks here and there, but other than that, I’ve been feeling great!  I haven’t had any heartburn, no aches or pains and I have good energy during the day.  I’m enjoying it now because I know that as the weeks progress,  I will probably start to get achy and tired.
Gender: It’s a surprise!

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  1. You look amazing for 25 weeks! I'm sure you'll get all of the baby stuff done in time.