Friday, November 16, 2012

The Weekly Bump: 22

On Wednesday, I reached the 22 week mark and I meant to take a picture - I was actually dressed up in something other than jeans and a tank/cardigan because I went to an event for the American Women’s Club of Luxembourg.
And then I forgot to take the picture.

So here I am today at 22 weeks and 2 days.

22 weeks

(I’ve really got to get my good camera out instead of taking fuzzy cell phone pictures.)

There’s no mistaking or hiding it any longer.  
That’s one big, pregnant belly.

The Baby:
He or she is about 11 inches long, weighs almost one pound and is developing tooth buds this week.
Maternity clothes: I’m still in normal shirts and leggings, but I’m loving my maternity jeans.  They are so comfortable. 
Movement: Lots and lots of movement, mostly at night. I’ve noticed that the baby will be very active for a few days in a row, and then have a day or two where he or she is pretty quiet and calm.
Sleep: I’m still sleeping well at night, but I had two nights this week that I woke up and took a long time to fall back asleep.  I hope the pregnancy insomnia isn’t starting.  It’s too early for that, right?
Food Cravings: Nothing, really.  Olives and hummus are my faves right now and I’m still loving cucumber sandwiches for lunch, slathered with hummus.  I’m still more thirsty than normal. 
Symptoms: Still feeling great!  Just like with Hannah, I’m carrying kind of high, so I feel like things are moving up towards my lungs and I get out of breath easily.  (My French class is on the 5th floor of an old walk-up building with spiral stairs and I am always out of breath when I get there.  It’s embarrassing.)  Other than that, I feel mostly like my old self, but with a bump. 
Gender: It’s a surprise! 

Shawn was in Romania this week for work, so it’s just been us girls and we’ve been spending our evenings doing crafts and coloring. 
Hannah drew this picture of me and I never want to forget it.


I love that she included the baby with an umbilical cord.
(We’ve explained to her how the baby “eats” while it’s in my belly.)
But perhaps I need to do something with my hair?


  1. You are so beautiful! Hannah is so creative (like her mom) and such a wonderful child. Shawn is one lucky man (and I think he knows it) Enjoy your life, sweet friend :)

  2. Ha! She did a fabulous job with your hair. :D

    You are so cute pregnant. I was just a wide load moving about, but you're all belly. You are what I wished I could be while pregnant.

    Still so excited for y'all!

  3. That is the sweetest drawing and I think she did a great job with your hair! You look amazing!