Sunday, July 15, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Our summer break is finally here!
I’ve mentioned that schools in Luxembourg go much later into the summer than in the US, and Friday was Hannah’s last day.
She’s successfully completed Early Years, which is the US equivalent of preschool and next fall she’ll move to Reception, which is kind of like Pre-K in the US.
And she’s turning 5 in October. How is this all happening so fast?

Because she had such amazing teachers, we wanted to do a little something to show them how much we appreciate them. 

There are four teachers that Hannah interacts with on a daily basis, so we put together a gift for each of them.

Teacher Appreciation
The first:
Nail polish remover, a nail file and some bottles of sparkly nail polish. 
Easy, inexpensive and perfect for a purse or travel bag. 

teacher appreciation2

Here’s the little notecard that I made.
Get it? Sparkle? Nail polish?

Teacher Appreciation

The second one was also pretty simple.  It’s a tea infuser and a bag of loose organic tea.  When you have British teachers, you just can’t go wrong with tea, can you?

teacher appreciation 4

How cute are these infusers with little Matryoshka dolls?

teacher appreciation6

We wrapped them up and I made this note card.
Get it? Teacher? Tea?


Both gifts were easy, inexpensive and Hannah’s teachers really loved them.

And, just for my own memory, here she is on her first and last days of school.


(She picked out both outfits.  Water shoes and all.)

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