Monday, May 7, 2012

Insta-Friday, I Mean Monday

I usually post cell phone pics on Friday, but the entire weekend got away from me.
I’m reaching back into the archives of my cell phone and pulling out a few pictures that I haven’t yet posted.

Here we go.

While we were home in the US, my mom, sister and I drove through my college campus and right past my old dorm.  So, so many memories here.


We also visited my grandma (and took her red tulips) while we were home.
She’s on Facebook.  Yes, sir.  She is.


Hannah and I are officially Junior TSA Officers and we have badges to prove it.
As much as we have flown in the last six months, we probably could qualify.
Not really, but we do have connections there.


This pic was taken on March 2.


And this one on May 2.
Luxembourg is pretty no matter what season it is.


Shawn’s birthday was this week and guess what I got him?
A juicer. 
In our almost 12 years of marriage, I can’t remember a time when he cared about any kind of small kitchen appliance, so I knew he was serious when he started talking about it.
We’ve been having all kinds of combinations of fresh fruit and veggie juice every morning. 
Today was carrot, celery, bok choy, apple and a few strawberries.


The downside?  Cleaning this thing is a chore.
It reminds me of when Hannah was a baby and I was nursing and spent every evening cleaning pump parts.  Ugh.

We had a pretty low key weekend that included a trip to IKEA, a vet appointment for Louie, church, Subway for lunch and chicken and corn on the cob on the grill for dinner.
(Oh, and Louie’s just fine.)

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. We took our dog to the vet today. Holy moly does that ever hurt the pocket book! I hope he stays healthy because I don't want to make these visits a habit.

    I love the two seasons shot. You should get one for every season and blow them up big and frame them. And yes, I am decorating your house for you. :)