Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Fairy Garden

Hannah and I have been working on a little project.
We turned a regular old plant box into a…


I found the galvanized metal plant box at a local discount store for a few dollars and brought it home and transferred two little plants that I already had.
Let me back up.
It didn’t exactly go that way.
You see, I also needed to buy potting soil and everything in the gardening section was in German/Luxembourgish (I can’t always tell the difference) and I thought I was buying potting soil.  When I got home and opened the bag, it turned out to be plant fertilizer.
I’ve found that when you don’t speak the language, it’s usually safe to go with the picture on the packaging.  I guess this isn’t the case in the lawn and garden department.
But I got it right on the second try.


The little house was given to Hannah by my mom.  It’s really a dog house for a tiny dog but is also the perfect size for a fairy so we painted it green and glued on some leaves and moss.  Then we made a “welcome” sign out of two little sticks from our backyard.
We debated making our sign in English or French and settled on English. 
“I think fairies probably speak English better than they speak French.  Kind of like us,” Hannah told me.

At the time we started, Hannah didn’t actually have any fairy dolls, so we added Cinderella’s fairy godmother, mouse and birds.
We found tiny drink umbrellas at the dollar store and used a pink jingle bell for the doorbell.



I made some itty-bitty bunting with scrap fabric, twine from Shawn’s toolbox and two sticks.


And then!  A package arrived from the US!
Shawn’s mom and dad sent two fairies for the fairy garden.
(Thank you!)



Hannah was at school when I picked the package up from the post office, so I placed Tink and Fawn in the garden for her to find when she got home. 


She asked if the fairies had shown up on their own and I almost didn’t have the heart to tell her, but I couldn’t let the grandparents not get the credit, right? 


1 planter box, 2 little plants, 2 fairies, lots of accessories and a bit of imagination = hours of fun for a little girl and her mama.



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