Monday, May 28, 2012

Odds and Ends and Bits and Bobs

1. Happy Memorial Day in the US!  And a big thank you to the men and women who have served and are serving our country.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love America.  Living abroad has really given me a new appreciation for my country.

2.  We had guests at our house!  I hadn’t mentioned it on the blog, but now that they’ve made it stateside safe and sound, I’ll be posting about my aunt and uncle visiting us in Luxembourg.  I have so many pictures to sort through, so it’s taking me a while to get it all together.

5. On Sunday our little town hosted a Celtic/Scottish festival.
There were bagpipes:


And Celtic warrior demonstrations and reenactments, which was loud and barbaric, if you ask me.  But whatever.
Shawn: Do you think that the Celts really wore plaid flannel pajama pants to battle?

There was also a Scottish band that had an amazing repertoire of songs that included a lot of good old American classics, but I didn’t take a picture of them.
Let’s just say that from where we were sitting we had a bad angle on the lead singer’s kilt. Enough said.

They also had lots of crafts for the kids.




Hannah ran into a little girl from her class at school and we ended up spending the entire afternoon with her family. 


The girls were happy just playing in the dirt.
And do you see that stick they are playing with?
They thought it was the greatest toy ever.
What is it with kids and sticks?

3.  This weekend was also a holiday weekend in Europe.  Shawn was off work today and Hannah is off school for the remainder of the week for the half term break.  We spent the day in a little town called Remich, which is right on the Moselle River and borders Germany.  I received a request from a family member to start including maps in my posts when we visit other places.  So, here it is:


We live just outside Luxembourg City, so Remich is about a 15 minute drive.  We went with the same family we met up with at the Celtic fest.  Shawn and I brought Hannah’s wagon so we could pull the girls around.  
It became obvious that Europeans have never seen a wagon because we attracted so much attention.  Everywhere we went people stopped and pointed and asked where we found that kind of a buggy.  Because you can pull your children!  And your picnic!  At the same time! Someone even asked Shawn if he made it himself.


(Hey, Red Rider! Call me. I have a marketing idea for you.)


Oh, and guess what’s in the wagon with them?
Yep, the stick from the day before.
They guarded it with their lives.
You’ve never heard four adults repeat, “please be careful with that stick,” more times than on that day.

4.  Friday evening when Hannah was in the bathtub, I noticed that the water wasn’t getting as warm as it usually does.  Then no warm water was coming out of the faucet at all.  It was ice cold.  So Shawn called the landlord and he said he’d stop over.  He brought a repairman with him who looked at the water heater and said, “Dees ees bad.”
Turns out there’s a part that needs replaced, but because this is a holiday weekend, we have to wait until Wednesday to get it.  In the meantime, we’ve been heating water up on the stove to bathe.


Me: This is how the pioneers took baths back in ye olden days.  Although I guess there weren’t really pioneers in Europe, so this is how they took baths in medieval times.
Shawn: Except they didn’t have faucets and electric stoves.
Me: Smarty pants.

6. Today marks 7 months that we’ve been living in Luxembourg! 

7.  Like I mentioned, Hannah is off school this week for the half term break.  The weather is supposed to be warm, so we have a few fun things planned to do here in Luxembourg, but no big trips or anything.  She and I have been working on some crafts so I may post those later this week.  I intend to spend the entire week with Hannah doing the things that she enjoys.  She’s recently turned 4 1/2 and I just feel like time is a tickin’.  I mean, she’s practically a teenager.  And before I know it our time in Luxembourg will be up and I really want to make the most of it while we’re here.  Plus, we dragged her on a lot of tours when we went to Paris a few weeks ago, so I kind of owe her some fun activities of her choice. 

8.  Oh, and speaking of kids and sticks, THIS made me laugh out loud.

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  1. Fun post! Hope you have hot water by now and you girls are enjoying "hoff term." Hey, wait....I think I hear the's Red Ryder ~